About the WALK

The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania’s premier student-run fashion magazine. Written, photographed, illustrated, and designed entirely in-house, the publication aims to highlight fashion, beauty, culture, and share it with the community.

  • Lauren Tappan


  • Sarah Llewellyn

    Online Editor-in-Chief

  • Varshini Gali

    Editorial Director

  • Natalie Sadjo

    Operations Coordinator

  • Davery Joso

    Creative Director

  • Natalia Rommen

    Creative Director

  • Caroline Gibson

    Photography Director

  • Michelle Xiong

    Video Director

  • Claire Shin

    Art Director

  • Siyuan Liu

    Art Director

  • Caitlin McNamara

    Social Media Director

  • Anna Jellinek

    Marketing Director

  • Krishna Sivakumar

    Finance Director