Presenting: Your Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

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Presenting: Your Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

Taken from the runway, translated into everyday wear

Presenting: Your Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

It’s that time of the year again! A big hello to 2023. The WALK wishes our readers a year of happiness, laughter, and great fashion, as always. 

Undeniably, I love the start of the new year when it comes to fashion. I’m not a big believer in resolutions, but I am a huge fan of reflections. A little extra time over winter break had me scrolling through the internet realizing just how much fashion trends have changed in one year. With that said, the new year can also be an overwhelming time for fashion. From the impending spring cleaning to a deluge of new trends flooding social media, it isn’t easy navigating what’s in style for 2023.

The WALK to the rescue! Fret no further in sifting through your Instagram or Tik Tok. Here’s our guide to 2023 fashion trends taken from the runway and translated into how we see readers sporting these looks.

1) Maxi Skirts

I’ve seen this trend all over my Pinterest and I’m here for it. It gives an aura of maturity and is surely a piece that stands out. Runway has been loving denim maxi’s, in particular, as seen on the Theophilio Spring 2023 runway. I hypothesize leather maxis will also be a big appearance in retail stores.

From left to right courtesy of Theophilio and Instagram @sarahmtimet

2) Head-to-Toe Denim

Surprise, surprise. Y2K and 2000s fashions are returning to us this decade and the trend is here to stay. When I think head-to-toe denim, I’m thinking Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs.

I anticipate this trend will garner mixed reviews, but I think there are ways to do it in a classy fashion. I’m obsessed with the denim romper and denim jumpsuit looks, reminiscent of the 90s. I also love how denim corsets are being incorporated under this trend.

From left to right courtesy of Annakiki, Jeffrey Mayer/Wireimage, and Instagram @juliacourtes

3) Mesh/Sheer

This is arguably one of the clearest trends we will see in 2023 as it was already coming in full force in 2022. Kendall Jenner made headlines with her “pantless” outfit with influencers following suit and wearing sheer looks for New Year’s. I honestly hadn’t even seen a sheer jumpsuit till this year and I’m impressed by how quickly it gained traction. These sheer looks can also be frequently spotted in the form of dresses and tops, perhaps a little more practical for daily wear. I’m very much here for this trend and love the room for creativity.

From left to right courtesy of Dion Lee, Shutterstock, and Pinterest

4) Crotchet

I confess, this is my least favorite trend on the list. However, runway doesn’t lie and crotchet is still trending. This one’s pretty familiar to us as we’ve seen variations of crochet items from sweaters to tote bags trending in the last year. I suspect this year we’ll see it in a slightly more neutral fashion and incorporated into “grunge” looks. This is surely one to watch out for.

From left to right courtesy of Gabriela Hearst and Pinterest

5) Metallics

They’re everywhere. Sparkle, shine, and sequins. Part of this trend being so popular does have to do with the fact that we were in the midst of New Year’s Eve stock, but metallics aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. So many of the looks we deemed tacky 10 years ago are making a comeback and I’m treading lightly. I think this is such a fun trend to play around with, but worry about the microtrends it seems to promote. However, I think this trend is perfect for our demographic and look forward to experimenting. Maybe I should’ve kept the green sequined Justice top I begged for in 5th grade…

From left to right courtesy of Altuzarra and Pinterest

6) Shoulder Play

The one shoulder and off-the-shoulder looks are back and better than ever in upgraded form. Runway is loving this elegant, pulled back shoulder look that spices up the basic one shoulder. It seems to be trickling down quickly as I’m already seeing some amazing pieces popping up in retail stores.

From left to right courtesy of Obliquecreations and VSCO

7) Luxury Elegance

Want to look like a million dollars? Join the crowd. Luxury elegance was all over the runway which is in line with the increased popularity of capsule wardrobes. In terms of clothing items, this means we’re going to see many neutrals, waistcoats, high quality fabrics, delicate detailing, and modest pieces. I consider this the perfect balance to our more raunchy trends such as sheer and crochet. 

From left to right courtesy of Proenza Schouler and Pinterest

8) Pointed Toe

Last year, ballet flats were a popular shoe trend on the runway, but we’re now shifting gears towards something a bit less comfy and a bit more chic. I do think the pointed toe elevates outfits and was never a fan of the ballet flats’ aesthetic. The pointed toe works for a variety of shoe types from flats to boots. They would be perfectly styled with a maxi skirt as seen below.

From left to right courtesy of Molly Goddard and Pinterest

9) Platform Shoes

If the above sounds horrendous to you, platform shoes are here to save the day. This trend can also be incorporated into many shoe styles from sandals to booties. They comfortably add height to an outfit and are super stylish. This is definitely a great trend to look out for!

From left to right courtesy of Balmain and Pinterest

Featured image collage, from left to right courtesy of Altuzarra, Annakiki, Gabriela Hearst, Proenza Schouler, and Balmain.

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