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This year, there have been many trends that have gone in and out, but there’s one piece that everyone is raving about…you’ve guessed it: the blazer. The reason why blazers are all the craze right now is because of how versatile and chic they are. From 9:00 to 5:00, you’re wearing it to the office. From 5:30 to 6:30, you’re wearing it to a happy hour with a friend. And from 8:00 to 11:00, you’re wearing it to a club opening. The blazer is an iconic piece that can be put with any outfit for any occasion.

Business Chic

In the business world, it is crucial to have a power suit. Something about wearing a fresh cut blazer with sharp edges allows for a different type of confidence – confidence that says “I’m going to take over the world today.” In this photo, at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Naomi Campbell closes the Messika show with a stunning all black sleek blazer look. Naomi’s look showcases how slick, pin-straight hair combined with the uniform black blazer set takes on a whole new “dress for success.”


Naomi Campbell courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Casual & Classy

For a casual setting, like going shopping or out to lunch with friends, a blazer can add a little spice that might be missing from an outfit. Pairing a blazer over baggy blue jeans and a white baby tee is the perfect look that screams comfortable but also put together. A blazer that is either a bright color or pattern makes for a great statement piece over a more neutral outfit underneath. Hailey Bieber consistently rocks a blazer for a day-to-day outfit. In this photo, Hailey sports a neon green Kwaidan Editions blazer over a pair of EB denim shorts and a Totême white camisole. The blazer, combined with her Bottega Veneta coordinated accessories, makes Hailey’s outfit pop and turns an otherwise denim short and tank combo into a modern twist on comfy. 


Hailey Bieber courtesy of Elle

Girls Night Out

Blazers not only serve office and lunch dates but also make for the perfect fit for an upscale setting. Whether heading to the dance floor, fancy dinner party, or gala, a blazer creates a look that can match any vibe. If there’s one person who never fails to make a blazer look good, it’s Kris Jenner. Throughout the years, whether it’s watching her daughters on the runway or the Met Gala, Kris Jenner knows how to wear the blazer and wear it well. The momager wears a stunning all white Maz Mura pant suit during Paris Fashion Week 2022. The flowy white pants combined with a waist-snatching white blazer makes Kris Jenner look fresh and ageless. 


Kris Jenner courtesy of Hollywood Life

All three of these styles – business, casual, and fancy – make the blazer a timeless classic that can make anyone feel more confident and ready to seize the day…or night! 

Featured image courtesy of Xenia Adonts’ Instagram

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