The Fashion Profiles of Penn’s Class of 2026

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The Fashion Profiles of Penn’s Class of 2026

Get to know Penn's freshman class, stylistically speaking

The Fashion Profiles of Penn's Class of 2026

Distressed yet preppy; trendy versus timeless: a diverse array of fashion tastes are featured in Penn’s latest freshman class across the different undergraduate schools. The one unifying trait: each person’s sense of style – whether developed through sourcing family members for inspiration, browsing Pinterest, or viewing celebrities’ latest looks – is unique to themselves. Here is a window into what defines the class of ’26’s style:


Images: Chukwubuikem Madu





Who is your favorite style inspiration and why?

I don’t necessarily look to people or celebrities for style inspiration, but I admire Dorian Liza Leunig, ASAP Rocky, Evan Mock, Anok Yai, and Sora Choi’s style a lot.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I don’t go for a specific aesthetic, but I often dress with distressed pieces and classy pieces like button downs and loafers, and oversized pieces.

What’s an accessory you couldn’t live without?

My cross necklace.

What’s a current fashion trend you hate?

Fast fashion in general and shopping at unsustainable companies like SHEIN and Fashion Nova.

Do you prefer timeless outfits, trendy articles of clothing, or a combination of both?

Ultimately, I prefer timeless outfits, but I believe when done correctly, trendy pieces can elevate an outfit.



Image: Naomi Asefa

What’s your favorite Met Gala look?

It’s really hard to pick just one, but I loved Blake Lively’s look from this year. A classic is definitely Christy Turlington in 1992 (honestly love it because it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and, of course, Lily Rose Depp’s look from 2019.

Who’s your favorite designer?

I think at the moment my favorite designers are Céline Vipiana, Phoebe Philo, and Gabriela Hearst.

Do you prefer timeless outfits, trendy articles of clothing, or a combination of both?

I definitely prefer timeless outfits mainly due to the versatility in pieces that make up such outfits. Timeless outfits, or specifically timeless pieces of clothing, can be dressed up or down, repeated, and worn in so many different ways. I find such flexibility more appealing than trendy articles of clothing which will inevitably fade out of style. Further, I think timeless outfits are more sustainable than trendy clothing, as buying timeless pieces alleviates the overconsumption of fast fashion.

What are three staple items you think everyone should own in their wardrobe?

I think everybody should own a pair of good fitting blue jeans, black trousers, and a plain white tank top.

What’s an accessory you can’t live without?

Definitely a gold necklace.


Images: Isabelle Gu

I think there is something so charming and eye-catching about a simplistic outfit.


Do you prefer timeless outfits, trendy articles of clothing, or a combination of both?

I feel I lean towards trendy pieces, but I definitely prefer a good mixture of both. I find that my style is ever-evolving as I’m very inspired by the fashion around me and like to keep up with the trends; however, I appreciate a nice timeless piece as well.

Do you have a favorite runway look?

I know this is all the buzz right now, but I would have to say Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress from Corpei’s Spring-Summer 2023 show. The entire production was so insane to watch, and it shows just how much fashion has evolved over the past decades. I’m also so interested in the technology and design process behind it!

What do you prefer more — summer or fall fashion?

I prefer fall fashion. I feel like there is more variety in clothing and more chances for layering. Also, I just love styling thicker and longer pieces because of how versatile they are.

Describe your sense of style in three words.

Simple, natural, and functional.

Do you consider your style to be minimalist or maximalist?

I would say my style is minimalistic! I like to keep it comfortable, simple to the eye, and relatively effortless. I think there is something so charming and eye-catching about a simplistic outfit.



Image: Lucas Eisen

Style in three words:

” Alternative,


and fluid.”

Which movie character do you think has the best fashion?

I know this is not a movie character, but Chandler Bing’s fashion in roughly seasons 1-5 of Friends is so so awesome.

What do you prefer more — summer or fall fashion?

I prefer fall fashion. Unlike summer style, which is very minimalist and simple, cooler temperatures provide more room for creativity and experimentation with clothes. I really struggle with summer because there’s so few outlets for expression and creativity; it’s really just shorts and some t-shirts so the options are fairly limited. In fall, there’s so much more; there’s layering, literally more material to play around with, etc.

What’s the one thing you do everyday that helps you feel put together?

I take a shower! Such a radical act can go a long way.

Describe your sense of style in three words.

Alternative, preppy, and fluid (with a lot of emphasis on fluid because I tend to embrace various styles and it really just depends on the day for me).

What’s a current fashion trend you hate?

One fashion trend I hate is big designer logos. It’s tacky.



Image: Caroline Begg

You open Pinterest. What’s the first pin we’d see on your outfits’ board?

Definitely lots of fall fashion! I’m from Connecticut, so I’ve always gotten to experience all four seasons growing up, and fall fashion is by far my favorite (both in terms of color palette and clothing items). My current Pinterest board has a lot of my fall favorites, like blazers, oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, and riding boots.

What’s your favorite current fashion trend?

Again, being from Connecticut, I’m a huge fan of the “coastal grandmother/granddaughter” trend on TikTok because I feel like it already aligns with a lot of my basic style (whites, blues, linens, etc.).

What’s your all-time favorite article of clothing you own?

This is so hard, but it would probably have to be this red peacoat (about hip-length, double-breasted with black buttons). I love outerwear, and this coat specifically is just so great for elevating an otherwise boring outfit in such an easy way.

Who’s your celebrity style doppelgänger?

I don’t know if I’d quite say doppelgänger, but I do love Emma Watson’s style. It’s such a great mix of modern and preppy!

Who do you go to for fashion advice?

My sister! In addition to her being my best friend in the whole world and having a great personal style herself, she also works as an assistant buyer for a luxury fashion retailer based in Dallas, so she really knows what she’s talking about.



Image: Iniyaal Raguraj

How do you experiment stylistically with fashion?

I think a big part of my experimenting process involves Pinterest! I watch out for seasonal looks and try my best to look for materials, patterns, and silhouettes that stand out to me. I think the baseline is just feeling comfortable while exploring, so I really try to build looks I’ve never tried before from clothes and pieces I already own or can easily acquire by thrifting.

What’s your favorite Met Gala look?

My favorite Met Gala look is a bit basic, but it is definitely Kendall Jenner’s 2019 orange, feathery look! I appreciate how the look followed the theme and was out-of-the-box but was also cohesively designed and bold with its color. The mixture of materials was also done well and I think it was objectively really flattering on Kendall and stood out with its sparkling stones and feathery high piece.

Do you prefer timeless outfits, trendy articles of clothing, or a combination of both?

I’m definitely a timeless gal. I really love casual 90s looks, and I’m a big fan of long-lasting, chic pieces like leather jackets and high-quality jeans. However, I admire modern twists to old trends, and have definitely latched onto some newer takes on timeless looks.

Do you consider your style to be minimalist or maximalist?

I think I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to Western fashion. I like solid colors and statement pieces, so I usually wear basic outfits with one or two articles of clothing serving as statements like a vintage vest or a patterned top!

Favorite places to shop?

I am a true Thred-Up stan. I love to thrift, but sometimes it’s hard to actually get to the store and options are also limited. It’s so easy to shop on Thred-Up on my phone or laptop, and it’s nice to have a lot more options online while still staying sustainable.

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