What to Wear When You’re Expecting: Rihanna’s Iconic Maternity Looks

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What to Wear When You’re Expecting: Rihanna’s Iconic Maternity Looks

Rihanna’s unexpected pregnancy with rapper A$AP Rocky threw the public into a frenzy. Though some’s first thought was yet another delay to the singer’s album, others envisioned a new era of Rihanna’s awe-inspiring fashion influence. Her maternity fashion has not disappointed and hasn’t skipped a beat from her iconic style. 

Courtesy of U.S. Magazine

In the family’s pregnancy announcement Rihanna posted on February 2nd, she wore a vintage hot pink Chanel coat accentuated by glamorous jewels and a coordinated Chanel chain wrapping through her belt loops. In the first slide of the post, she wore an oversized orange football jersey and matching leather orange gloves. Through the side profile, with the jersey slightly lifted, followers could see the already sizable baby bump. 

Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

A few days later, on February 6th, the singer was spotted in Los Angeles sporting all black, including sleek sunglasses despite being photographed in a dark parking lot. The top Rihanna was wearing left her belly on full display with a wide lace detail, while her thick black jacket covered her arms and hand tattoos. Like in her earlier post, dainty chains hung down her front, even reaching her thighs, where a cross pendant swung. 

Courtesy of Vogue

Later that week, stepping out in Santa Monica, Rihanna boldly mixed leopard print with a subtle camo hat and denim accents. She combined the playful, casual silhouette of a baseball cap and baggy jeans with the elegant shape of a classic trench coat. Perhaps the most interesting part of this eclectic outfit was the tie on her high heel, meant to wrap around her ankle, instead was tied around the leg of her jeans, making the legs taper and flow out slightly over her foot. The whole outfit was completed with a denim Dior saddle bag and the same chains she wore under her all black ensemble. 

Courtesy of Vogue

On February 11th, Rihanna attended an event to celebrate new releases for Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. As she walked the red carpet she wore an iridescent set from Attico, both pieces covered in slits. The shiny appearance of the look was complemented by all diamond jewelry, from dangling earrings to rings on each finger of her left hand. Her hair was done simply, flowing straight and long down her back, while her stomach protruded through the slits on the top. Quite simply, Rihanna looked stunning in an unusual combination of green, silver, and pink completed with red lipstick. 

Courtesy of E!Online

Rihanna pulled an almost-casual look in New York City- baggy jeans studded with rhinestones, a Mets t-shirt and oversized Carrhartt jacket. However, of course the outfit had to be topped off with a glittering diamond heel, again with the ties wrapped around her pant legs-perhaps a new trend to look out for? Additionally, a huge gold belt with a M shaped buckle hung under her baby bump, bringing out the shimmering stones stitched into the denim. Thick gold necklaces brought out her signature red lipstick. 

Courtesy of Vogue

Perhaps Rihanna’s most unbelievable maternity look to date was the dresses she wore to the Dior Paris fashion week show. A completely sheer black skirt attached to a lack black bustier and just covering a black thong. The baby bump was on full display beneath the tulle skirt and leather, yet almost silk-like trench coat. Patent leather boots reached just under her knees, meeting the intricately embroidered hem of the dress. The diamond jewelry was out again, chains hanging across her cleavage and a shimmering bracelet on her left hand. The high ponytail emphasized her chic look. 

Of course nobody is surprised that Rihanna’s maternity looks have been out of this world, but we can’t help but be impressed.

Featured image courtesy of U.S. Weekly

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