10 Fashion-Related Items for Your Holiday Wish List


10 Fashion-Related Items for Your Holiday Wish List

It’s always challenging to think of holiday gift ideas when put on the spot. Somehow, everything you’ve wanted throughout the course of the year suddenly slips your mind. Even worse is the awkward feeling of opening a gift that you’re not so enthusiastic about. With the seasons changing, it’s time for some wardrobe additions. Here are some options for fashion-related items to put on your holiday wish list:

1. Dr. Martens Mary Janes

Courtesy of Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Mary Janes are a wonderful addition to your shoe collection that can dress up any casual outfit. Wear them with some frilly socks for an iconic look!

2. Leg or Arm Warmers

Courtesy of Pinterest

These gifts are both practical and fashionable! Perfect for the cold winter weather, leg or arm warmers are also great accessories. Plus, there are tons of great handmade options on sites like Etsy!

3. Baguette Bag

Courtesy of Pop Sick Vintage

These bags have been popular for a while, but fortunately, they haven’t gone out of style. It’s not too late to create a 2000s-esque look with this bag on your shoulder. 

4. Over-Ear Headphones

Courtesy of Live Kindly

Over-ear headphones are back in style this winter. Invent that mysterious, cool-girl look by blasting your favorite indie artist over these headphones.

5. Patterned Tights

Courtesy of Pinterest

Patterned tights add a tasteful touch to any skirt or dress. They will surely create depth and originality in an outfit.

6. Leather Pants

Courtesy of Aritzia

Leather, or faux leather, pants are a staple in anyone’s closet. They are also extremely versatile! You can wear them as an everyday piece, on a night out, or even in a professional setting.

7. Oversized Leather Jacket

Courtesy of Pinterest

A leather jacket is another fashion staple. Throw one on over any outfit to create an edgier look or to add a bit of sophistication to any casual outfit.

8. Earmuffs

Courtesy of Starlight Fair

A classic wintertime gift, earmuffs are certainly a fashion statement. They come in a ton of varieties: fuzzy, patterned, large, or small! 

9. Crocheted scarves

Courtesy of Etsy

Crocheted clothing has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. What better way to bundle up than with a knitted scarf? Plus, scarves are a great way to accessorize in the cold weather.

10. Patterned High Socks

Courtesy of Hobbii

Socks are the holiday staple that most of us don’t ever actually ask for, but a pair of cool, patterned high socks that peek out of your shoes can amp up any outfit, while still being extra cozy.

Hopefully, these gift ideas have added some inspiration to this year’s holiday wish list. These fashion-related items are both practical and fun, making them great additions to your winter wardrobe!

Cover photo courtesy of Dr. Martens

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