Be Your Cowboy


Be Your Cowboy

Laying on the Floor, Listening to Mitski

This semester has been rough. Scratch that. This past year has been rough. But when you’re down and wallowing in your emotions, I know the perfect medicine: listening to indie-rock artist Mitski on repeat. Below is my journey into Mitski’s latest studio album Be The Cowboy, focusing on several of my favorite songs. It’s an exploration of the highs and lows in our daily lives, a trip into our new isolated world where we have realized our role as our own main character, each our own personal cowboy.

Pink in the Night

“And I hear my heart breaking tonight…”

Old Friend

“Every time I drive through the city where you’re from,
I squeeze a little .”

Remember My Name

“Just how many stars will I need to hang around me to finally call it heaven?”

A Pearl

“You’re growing tired of me.”

A Pearl

“It’s just that I fell in love with a war,
and nobody told me it ended.”

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