Theatre C Brings Theatre Home


Theatre C Brings Theatre Home

The most damning notion at present about theatre is that it needs to be live and in person. Theatre C, a New York theatre, proves that this does not need to be the case by bringing its next show into your home.

This winter, Theatre C presents Odd Man Out: At Home. The story follows Alberto, a blind musician who is returning home after years in New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Instead of going to a traditional theater, the show is entirely at-home through an “in-flight box.” For this theatrical encounter, you will not need your eyes. Along with a blindfold, this kit will contain sensorial elements like headphones for a 360 sound experience and traditional Argentinian food. The entire experience encourages you to engage senses usually ignored in theater to immerse yourself into Alberto’s life.

This movement from conventional elements of theater is not new to Theatre C. In fact, they have a history of transforming our perception of theatre, including mixing a number of non-classical theatre elements like burlesque, puppetry, acrobatics and installations. A noticeable aspect of their work is blurring the line between spectator and actor. Everyone involved is a part of making the performance what it is.

Theatre C is a testament to the fact that theatre can be whatever you need it to be. Their shows are all about being present in the moment and engaging all of your senses in a carefully curated experience. Even after in-person activities resume as the pandemic eases, theatre will have to continue to transform in order to engage modern audiences. Theatre C shows us how that can be done.

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