The Enduring and Global Relevance of ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’


The Enduring and Global Relevance of ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’

On the list of things I miss from the pre-Corona era, occasions to wear “jeans and a nice top” are ranked firmly in my top five. After the customary “What are we all wearing?!!’ text, sent in a state of utter panic, there is no comfort like knowing that five of your closest friends will be going for “jeans and a nice top babe.” Slowly you can start refolding the multiple outfits you have scattered across your bedroom floor, secure in the knowledge that the first outfit you tried on (approximately two hours ago) is the one. 

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This is a pre-outing energy that can’t quite be matched as we all continue to be cautious in the midst of the virus. But in the spirit of optimism, I’m going to give you some “jeans and a nice top” ideas to line your closet and empty your wallet, in anticipation of a long-awaited return to normalcy. The concept of “jeans and a nice top” is so universally valued and recognized that it is a legitimate drop-down category when online shopping – I’ve had an intense browse so you don’t have to.

Jazzy Jeans:

Some basic, plain, jean-ius, denim faves that I think would go with any nice top and cute bag combo! Also, try out your local thrift stores for vintage denim staples!

The Nicest ‘Nice Tops’

‘Nice tops’ are really up to your own personal style! You could try cute tanks, floral tops, jumpers, or perhaps even a sweater vest. Again, local thrift stores or websites like ThredUp are great for a more sustainable way to find really unique tops. Here are some options online, as well as some general outfit inspiration:

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