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Shoes for You, Made by You

How to personalize your shoes.

I have always been a loyal fan of white sneakers. They are classic and can complement almost any outfit. But over the last couple of years, one rising trend in sneaker culture has caught my eye.

Recently, a number of notable shoe brands such as Nike, Converse, and Vans have incorporated a customization center into their website and some of their stores. This provides consumers with the opportunity to personalize their shoes and exhibit their artistic creativity.

However, customization does not have to be limited to the sites or brands that offer this option. You can try a fun DIY project simply with shoes available at your home. If you are getting tired of your white sneakers or looking for a new art project, here are some cool design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Louis Vuitton Style

If you are a sucker for designer products but also rolling on a budget, this could be the design for you. This simple Louis Vuitton design is not only relatively easy to copy but also immediately gives an expensive, sophisticated look to your plain white shoes.

Splatter Shoes

If you have no faith in your painting ability do not lose hope! These splatter shoes do not require any refined artistry yet still come out looking like modern art pieces. If you are thinking of creating these at home, do not forget to stuff the inside of your shoes with newspaper. You might also want to do the painting outside while wearing clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. This option can be fun but slightly messy.

Cartoon Characters

With this design option, you can showcase your favorite childhood television characters to the world. While drawing your favorite cartoon character can be slightly challenging for those with limited artistic capabilities, for the artists out there, it is a chance to show off your skills. If you are willing to invest more time and detail into your design, this style can produce wonderful results.

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