5 Festive Outfit Ideas from Holiday Movies

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5 Festive Outfit Ideas from Holiday Movies

Here's some inspiration on how to look fashionable during the most wonderful time of the year!

Here’s some inspiration on how to look fashionable during the most wonderful time of the year

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year. Preparation for the festivities starts early — I listen to carols on repeat, screenshot (way too many) cookie recipes I want to try, dig out my pine-scented candles from storage, and, of course, stream Christmas movies. Not only are they perfect to get you into the holiday mindset, but they are also a great source of fashion inspiration. Here are some outfit ideas from my favorite Christmas movies.

1. Juliet — Love Actually (2003)

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The outfit Juliet wore in the famous sketchbook love declaration scene seems a little cold for London winters, but it is cute nonetheless. The off-shoulder white knitted top matched with jeans creates an effortless, comfortable, yet subtly sexy look.

2. Margaret/Stacy — The Princess Switch (2018)

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Although this outfit is comprised entirely of reddish hues, the varying shades of burgundy and pink keep the holiday mood at a moderate level without it being red overload.

3. Natalie — Love Actually (2003)

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Love Actually is such a classic that it warrants a second mention. Despite Natalie’s last outfit receiving just 15 seconds of screen time, it is one of my favorites. The red coat, nails, and lips with the combination of the white beret and bold gold jewelry creates the perfect mix of festive and elegant.

4. Amanda — The Holiday (2006)

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Wearing red is not for everyone — perhaps you’re in the mood for something more subdued. Although the outfit doesn’t incorporate much color, the long brown coat and heels add a touch of stylishness. Complete with slacks, this outfit is the perfect warm yet professional look.

5. Jovie — Elf (2003)

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Okay, maybe this outfit is not the most sophisticated, but Elf is such a favorite that I had to include it. Everything about this outfit screams Christmas, from the classic Christmas colors and the velvet material to the shoulder ruffles and the adorable elf hat. If you want an endearing and obviously festive look at your next holiday event, look to Jovie for inspiration.

Bonus: Eloise — Eloise at Christmastime (2003)

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Cuteness overload alert! Eloise shows us that Christmas lights and wreaths will immediately make any outfit festive, even a plain white blouse and overalls. Such a simple solution to those days when you need a “Christmas outfit” but aren’t motivated enough to put one together.

From Jovie’s out-there elf costume to Juliet’s everyday look, you will be dressed for the holidays whoever you choose to take inspiration from.

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