Products to Get You Through a Chaotic, Covid Winter


Products to Get You Through a Chaotic, Covid Winter

While global events may make self-care seem trivial, the physiological and psychological effects of Covid-19 should not be underestimated. Here are four products that have personally helped me care for my mind and body during 2020. You might want to consider tucking these items into your own arsenal to combat the coming winter months.

1. Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief Skin-Soothing Serum ($28)

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I stumbled upon the Great Barrier Relief Serum while on my quarantine skincare kick, and it has since attained Holy Grail status. A truly universal product, Great Barrier Relief is a nourishing, restorative serum that repairs the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Great Barrier Relief primes skin to fight environmental stressors while simultaneously providing nourishment and relief. Thus, in the face of plummeting temperatures and continued mask wearing, Great Barrier Relief is the perfect product to transform your skin into its healthiest, most luminous state.

By combining skin-loving ingredients, such as Tamanu Oil, Niacinamide, and Safflower Oil, Great Barrier Relief is able to address a plethora of skincare concerns, such as discoloration, breakouts, dehydration, and irritation. In addition, this serum is creamy, yet not greasy, and its soothing effects are felt the second it is applied.

2. Grace & Stella Hot + Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask ($10)

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Copious amounts of screen-time call for some eye relief. For me, after long hours of paper writing and Zoom calls, this sleep mask does the trick. With a soft, plush backing, this gel bead eye mask is comfortable and applies the optimal amount of pressure to soothe tired eyes.

This Hot + Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask from grace & stella can be both microwaved and refrigerated. I tend to do the latter and find that the cooling beads provide almost instantaneous relief for eye-strain and headaches. Plus, for only $10, you won’t have to choose between affordability and relief.

3. Mother Earth Large Shoulder Pillow ($55)

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As someone who tends to hold stress in the shoulders, I have been sore practically all of 2020. Add to that context the countless hours spent hunched over electronics, and you get a pretty accurate image of my unfortunate, uncomfortable state. Consequently, I have been on the lookout all throughout the pandemic for the best remedy for such pains, and I think I have stumbled upon just that. The Mother Earth Shoulder Pillow is a therapeutic pillow made of all natural products that can be heated or cooled. It is designed specifically to relieve painful, tension ridden shoulders and necks by applying gentle acupressure and warmth.

Although it comes with a hefty price-tag at $55, I would argue that this pillow is worth the investment. For starters, this pillow is substantially heavier than other pillows I have tried, which makes it a more effective tool at stretching neck and shoulder muscles. In addition, one of my favorite parts of this shoulder pillow is that it comes in three different herbal blends, called “Soothe,” “Relieve” and “Breathe,” which all target specific benefits and goals. And, in case you aren’t into that aromatic stuff, it also comes in a “no herbal” option.

4. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp ($59.99)

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Being cooped up is no fun, and, like many others, I have largely relied on outdoor gatherings to help me get through the quarantine isolation. However, as colder months approach, and spending time outside becomes less feasible, it is important to retain some of the positive psychological effects of being outdoors, even if we physically cannot be there.

Throughout the pandemic, I have utilized the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp to improve my mood. By mimicking sunshine without the harmful UV rays, therapy lamps are a great tool to fight depression brought on by winter and quarantine. While there are many different therapy lamps on the market, I have specifically enjoyed using this one from Miroco, which is rechargeable and has customizable light intensity and timer settings.

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