Mood-Boosting Colors: Spicing Up Your Winter Wardrobe

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Mood-Boosting Colors: Spicing Up Your Winter Wardrobe

A complete guide to wearing bright colors this fall.

As the days grow shorter and colder, I personally have given in to the sluggish November feeling. This feeling can most accurately be described as ‘a-grey-sweatpants state of mind’ (you heard it here first). Here is my guide to breaking out of that stress-induced grey sweatpants rut. This winter, join me in channeling positive energy with colorful clothes.

I will acknowledge that wearing colors can be daunting. When you are removed from the comfort and familiarity of a grayscale ensemble, it’s harder for you to blend into the crowd. But, in these ~unprecedented~ times, crowds are gone and judgment is out the window. We should absolutely embrace the energizing power of bright colors this fall.

Here’s how:

Monochrome Looks:

Starting off with the boldest iteration of ‘wearing color,’ here’s some enviable monochrome-outfit inspiration. Wearing only one color makes you look put together and is a cool break from the traditional black-and-white monochrome vibe. Alternatively, if you fancy looking exactly like your favorite “Among Us” avatar, this could be the look for you.

Colorful Sweaters:

I’m not sure if my year-round obsession with cardigans is universal, but, in winter, no one can deny that a cozy sweater is the ultimate wardrobe staple. Brightly colored knits and patterns can add a fun layer to any winter outfit. 

Trousers and Pants:

Breakaway from the blues and blacks of normal denim jeans and spice up your bottom half this winter.

Accessories and Shoes (accessories for the feet, no?)

Accessories can be a fun but subtle way to bring a bit of color into your daily fits. From hair slides and earrings to cute shoulder bags and footwear, colorful accessories are an easy starting point. 

Fashion Week: Street Style Inspo

Pops of color prevailed in the autumnal street style of Paris and Milan fashion weeks. Here is my highlight reel of the best colorful street style:

Hopefully, now you have all the tools and inspiration to decorate your dull November days with uplifting colors. Use your wardrobe to stay warm and cheerful as we head into the final months of 2020.

Featured Image courtesy of Gracelynn Wan.

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