Three Trailblazing Indigenous-Owned Brands to Follow


Three Trailblazing Indigenous-Owned Brands to Follow

Celebrate the expression of Native culture and fashion through these bold brands

The fashion industry is no stranger to the term cultural appropriation. Over the past decade, there have been many controversial looks to walk down the runway. Indigenous designs have continually been appropriated and sometimes even stolen. For example, Urban Outfitters has been repeatedly sued by the Navajo nation for their lack of respect and attribution to Navajo culture.

However, Native designers are reclaiming their looks by paving the way for Native representation in fashion. Not only are they creating beautiful and intricate garments, but also promoting sustainability and activism through their work. It’s crucial that we, as consumers, celebrate authenticity and culture. Below are three Indigenous-owned brands to check out today:

B. Yellowtail

B. Yellowtail is a Native-owned fashion and accessories brand that specializes in weaving a story through wearable art. The brand strives to be a space where Native American and First Nations artists and entrepreneurs across the country can proudly display their handmade creations. Promoting Indigenous culture and tradition is at the root of every B. Yellowtail piece.

Behind the Brand

Bethany Yellowtail is the designer and CEO of her namesake brand. She is originally from the Crow (Apsaalooke) & Northern Cheyenne (Tsetsehestahese & So’taeo’o) Nations in southeastern Montana. Her creative work through B. Yellowtail goes hand in hand with her passion for social justice. Through B. Yellowtail, Bethany is able to amplify the voices of dozens of Native creators. She also plays an active role in women’s rights movements, using her creations as a vehicle for justice.


Ginew is paving the way for representation in the clothing industry as the only Native-American-owned denim line. The brand finds great pride in the meticulous craftsmanship of their belts and garments. Their leather goods are created using pre-industrial methods and all clothing is made from ethically-sourced, premium materials.

Behind the Brand

For Ginew, one might assume the family is important. Not only are family symbols incorporated into the brand’s clothing, but Ginew is a family-owned label. The brand is operated and owned by husband and wife Erik Brodt and Amanda Bruegel who draw from their Ojibwe, Oneida, and Mohican heritages to push forward Native American fashion.

OXDX Clothing

OXDX Clothing is an Arizona-based fashion label whose specialty lies in graphic art, screen-printed apparel, and cut’n’sew clothing. The streetwear-oriented brand strives to empower Natives to make a statement with what they wear.

Behind the Brand

Jared Yazzie, of Diné and Navajo origin, is the owner, designer, and artist behind OXDX Clothing. The brand is an abbreviation of the word “overdose” — a word Yazzie believes describes today’s society. Through his clothing, Yazzie encourages the consumer to honor and reflect upon their intricate cultures, traditions, and histories.

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