The Return of Y2K Fashion

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The Return of Y2K Fashion

All you need to know about this trend you’re seeing everywhere

It’s time to embrace your inner “Mean Girls”: Y2K fashion has officially made a comeback. Y2K fashion essentially began in the late ‘90s as a collection of bold, retro and futuristic clothing that was supposed to embrace the anticipation of a new technological era. 

Here are iconic Y2K looks that are trending again:

Deep V, Spaghetti-Strap Crop Tops 

I have to admit–this is personally my favorite Y2K trend. These cute vintage tops are all the craze on the shopping mobile app, Depop. If you’re on Tiktok or Instagram, chances are you’ve seen some design of this top. This one is a must-have for embracing your Y2K style.  

Low-Rise Jeans

Photo Courtesy of The Cut

Just when you thought you would never see these again, low-rise jeans are making their way back in style. Some are undoubtedly cringing at the revival of these jeans because–let’s be honest–they are not the safest choice of jeans. But if you’re searching for a more risque look, this is where you’ll find it.

Fluffy Animal Print Bags

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

If you love a fierce accessory, this one might be for you. These faux fur animal print purses are becoming the new fuzzy “it-item.” Why not make a fashion statement with something soft and cozy?

Featured image courtesy of Elite Daily

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