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Hotline Bling

10 Products for Last-Minute Zoom Calls

Ever since March, the work-from-home induced temptation to let business attire collect dust in the back of our closets has been strong, largely supported by the newfound luxury of secretly wearing sweatpants to every meeting.

However, this luxury comes with a catch. Now when you get called into impromptu meetings, you no longer have a few buffer minutes to reapply lipstick and touch up your concealer; you either click “Join with Video” or run the risk of leaving the rest of your team members in awkward virtual silence. If you’re at home and need a few quick ways to freshen up or add flair to your Zoom rectangle for that unexpected call, these products are perfect for you.

1. Subtle Hoop Earrings

Have you worn your hoop earrings to death yet? This pair is a fresh twist on the classic style that you can put on in no time. Snag these from En Route Jewelry.

Image courtesy of En Route Jewelry

2. Pearl Hair Clips

Bad hair day? Loose strands in your face? Bangs you cut at the beginning of the pandemic that haven’t grown back yet? These Princess Diaries-esque hair clips will do the trick and instantly elevate your hairstyle. Find them on Amazon.

Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Recycled Knit Kimono

If you’ve been wearing a t-shirt all day, a shawl is perfect to pop on for your meeting. Pair this with a subtle necklace for an effortless comfort-chic look. Bonus: this one is made by the sustainable brand Save the Ocean, which makes its clothing out of recycled plastic bottles! Take your pick from ivory, black, or taupe at Macy’s.

Image courtesy of Macy’s

4. Gold Leaf Headband

Can’t find a hairbrush but desperately want to change up your hair? Slip a statement headband on. If you have a couple of extra seconds to spare, try adding accessories that match colors, metallic tones, or jewels on the headband. ASOS has you covered for this one.

Image courtesy of ASOS

5. Puff Sleeve Sweater

Nothing says “I was prepared for this Zoom call the entire time!” like a sweater or shirt with puff sleeves. This one from J.Ing, despite coming in a neutral tan and muted blue, is an amazing statement piece (and will keep you warm)!

Image courtesy of J.Ing

6. Printed Top

Venturing into the world of prints and patterns is an amazing way to make a statement, even if you only occupy a tiny fraction of the computer screen. This knit top from Nordstrom comes in either zebra or floral print.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

7. Blanket Scarf

When the weather gets cold, a blanket scarf is the perfect accessory (or top, for that matter) to keep you cozy and comfortable. This one from Target is reversible and can work with a variety of outfits– if you choose to change out of sweatpants that day!

Image courtesy of Target

8. Gold Choker

Paired with a contrasting top like a thin black turtleneck, a chunky gold choker is sure to stand out. Add matching earrings to complete the look! Amazon carries this one that will definitely do the trick.

Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Dangly Earrings

Dangly earrings will stand out no matter what your hairstyle is! This assortment of 6 pairs comes in either silver or gold on Amazon and will provide you with ample options for all virtual or socially distant gatherings.

Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Tea Blouse

Last but not least, if you’re searching for a lightweight, stylish top, a tea blouse will be your best friend. The pointelle detailing on this one from ASOS, combined with the flowing sleeves and peplum flare-out, will make you feel great while you work.

Image courtesy of ASOS

As you continue developing your WFH style identity, always look out for the pieces you already own that make you feel like your best self. Zoom call or no Zoom call, last-minute or preplanned, the only person who can decide how you dress is you!

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