Four Shows to Binge-Watch this Quarantine Season

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Four Shows to Binge-Watch this Quarantine Season

Bored in the house and in the house bored? Here's some shows for you!

I hope you {and all of your loved ones} are staying healthy and safe. and trying to stay sane during this disruptive time. Part of the way that I try to maintain my mental health is to journal and meditate. Although these are great strategies, HBO, Netflix, and Hulu also keep me sane during this period. Here are four series that I have loved watching {and let’s be honest, re-watching} during quarantine.

  1. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu) – Based on author Celeste Ng’s book by the same title, this series follows the lives of two families who live in Shaker Heights, a wealthy suburban town outside of Cleveland, OH. A black single-mom, played by Kerry Washington, and her daughter move into the town, and rent an apartment from a well-to-do local journalist and socialite, played by Reece Witherspoon. Exposed secrets, budding relationships and a tense court case ensue.
  2. Succession (HBO) – This drama follows the lives of the Roy family. A family whose patriarch is Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, Founder and CEO of Waystar Royco, an American media conglomerate. Both seasons of the series follows the twists and turns as Logan figures out who will be the next CEO of Waystar after he retires, a position that his four children openly and secretly covet.
  3. Never Have I Ever (Netflix) – This newest Netflix original comedy is the brainchild of actress, writer, and producer Mindy Kaling. It follows the life of Davi, a nerdy Indian-American teenager hailing from the Valley, and her hilarious plot to become popular, and get laid in the process. Featuring a diverse cast, Davi’s two best friends are Afro-Latina and East-Asian, this series gives the all-American coming-of-age genre a much-needed makeover. This series is refreshing, hilarious, and made me nostalgic of my childhood growing up in a strict immigrant household.
  4. Elite (Netflix) – The best way to describe this Netflix teen drama is that it is a Spanish cross between Gossip Girl and How to Get Away with Murder. The show, whose third season was recently released, follows the lives of wealthy private school kids who live outside of Madrid. The first season begins with three scholarship kids entering the school, and the ecosystem is forever change. Add in murder, shady business deals, and forbidden love, and we have ourselves a recipe for delectable drama that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat.

These descriptions are just a tiny taste of all that these shows have to offer. I hope that you all enjoy these series, and love them as much as I have. Each show has taught me a lot about the human condition, and has allowed me to re-evaluate my choices. They have also led to spicy group chat convos where friends and I have debated the merits of characters and whether certain actions were justified or not. Happy quarantining and binging!

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