Here’s How I Slay Flashy and Stay Classy

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Here’s How I Slay Flashy and Stay Classy

5 looks that get looks.

Fashion means a lot more than more skin. I’m sure a lot of other shopaholics would echo that sentiment along with me. Of course, I totally understand and embrace the power behind being confident and loving your own body through clothes. But I think that social media and the Instagram influencer craze of recent years has perpetuated an untrue, and arguably unhealthy, fashion myth: in order to be “truly fashionable,” you have to wear less.

The thing is, I know so many people out there that absolutely kill the style game in midi skirts or blazer jackets. I don’t think that wearing less revealing clothes means you are any less confident in your body. I, for sure, am not! As a Christian who takes her faith seriously, I often tend to cover up a little more skin. (Although, I definitely wear the occasional crop top here and there.) Whatever the reason, I’m sure there are others out there who echo the desire for a killer style without completely showing off their killer bod. 😉

Spiel aside, I’ve collected a different array of looks and tips to help you on that journey.


I mean is layering ever going to go out? All the big fashion girls are on it. Anyone who layers well instantly looks like they know what they’re doing.

(Okay, I can’t pull off a look this extreme tho)
Photo courtesy of @fengfan_x

Try pairing a crop top with a solid long sleeve or turtleneck. Bonus points if its mesh, which adds an edgy texture to any outfit. Then, tuck both layers into high-waisted bottoms to accentuate the waistline.

Photo courtesy of @jeweleaah

You can also layer dresses, but pay attention to necklines. Anything with a high neck—such as a crew, mock, or turtleneck top—works best when layering with a dress like this.

Photo courtesy of @eumoir

Mono-chrome or Duo-chrome Fits

Matching two bright colors in one outfit creates a really bold statement, while keeping an outfit one consistent, neutral shade makes for a subtler, crispness.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Photo courtesy of Styled by Seven

If you’re going for brighter colors, I recommend an analogous palette to keep the look together (such as pairing pink and purple together). This maintains an ‘everyday’ vibe.

Photo courtesy of @alvssa


Streetwear is literally one of my favorites. You can feel like the coolest kid around in basically sweats and chunky sneakers.

Photo courtesy of @blvckd0pe

Pair some comfy joggers with a high-rise or chunky shoe, and then throw on an oversized hoodie or crewneck. Here’s some more inspiration because I truly love this trend.

Photo courtesy of @lissyroddyy

Suit Up

Wearing a longline or boyfriend blazer instantly makes any outfit chicer. Invest in a black or neutral blazer to start, then experiment around with gingham or brighter prints. A casual blazer outfit? A graphic tee and jeans. To step it up, match the color of your underlying top with your pants.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Jackson
Photo courtesy of @lissyroddyy

Chunky Additions

The more chains, the edgier! Wear over a solid colored top or a graphic tee to take an outfit to the Instagram level.

Photo courtesy of @ozarayau

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