That ‘70s (Fashion) Show

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That ‘70s (Fashion) Show

Groovy (adj) ˈɡro͞ovē/- fashionable and exciting

“Fashionable” and “exciting” are two words that usually appear in the Paris Fashion Week vernacular. And, of course, I’d use them to describe the street-style crowd this year as well.

However, as I scrolled through pictures of the best-dressed street stylers, the word “groovy” also came to mind. The seventies had a great influence on fashion week attendees in the City of Lights.

Though more casual (think Ali MacGaw) than glamorous (think Diana Ross), the seventies’ influence was unmistakable and provides some inspiration for the spring. Long coats with shearling lining, fur coats, golden aviator glasses, floral blouses, and platforms were the items of choice for many during this Paris Fashion Week.  

Photos courtesy of SZYMON BRZÓSKA

Head-to-toe brown and orange, wide pants, a pussycat bow on a floral blouse, with a tailored blazer…can it get more ’70s than this?

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Pants Female Footwear and Shoe
Photo courtesy of SZYMON BRZÓSKA

Or maybe knee-high solid socks—in black or pastel—to wear with your next boot or heel?

Photos courtesy of SZYMON BRZÓSKA

And speaking of shoes, platforms were all the rage. Give yourself some height and a strut as you make a statement.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Footwear Shoe Overcoat Coat and Suit
Photos courtesy of SZYMON BRZÓSKA

I know that as the weather warms, I’m taking a note from this street-style crowd on how to dress retro.    

Photos courtesy of SZYMON BRZÓSKA

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