This Season, Say Yes to The Trillest Podcast


This Season, Say Yes to The Trillest Podcast

Hear the inside scoop from Penn junior Sia-Linda Lebbie about her podcast, The Trillest, and why you should be listening to it.

To The WALK community,

My name is Sia-Linda Lebbie and I am the creator and host of The Trillest, a Daily Pennsylvanian (DP) podcast! The Trillest is a chill podcast for young people who are interested in expanding their bubble and building their empires. It is available on Spotify, Apple’s Podcast app, Google Podcasts, and The theme of each season changes. The first season entailed a diverse group of Penn students and I discussing on-campus and societal phenomena. The second season was a dating show. I matched ten couples based on who I believed would have a great connection. The third season was an advice show. In each episode, three to four guests and I would answer anonymous questions that listeners submitted.

I started The Trillest because I realized that I wanted to go into the entertainment industry. I love drawing inspiration from powerful black women in the industry such as Oprah, Issa Rae, and Wendy Williams. I noticed that Wendy Williams had a radio talk show while she was studying at Northeastern University, and I wanted to replicate that work ethic. I realized that radio is now dead—most of our peers do not frequently listen to it—so I instead decided to create a podcast. After I came up with the idea, each episode theme, and the guests, I told my friend about it during dinner. At the time, he edited another DP podcast, and he told me that I should do The Trillest with the DP. He connected me to the DP’s executive producer of podcasts, and the rest is history.

I am so blessed to be able to curate a show that is both entertaining and informative. I believe The Trillest demonstrates the intelligence and knowledge that all of my peers possess. It shows incoming generations that they themselves can start a project and bring people together. Each of us has a voice, and we deserve to share our insights with the world. I pray that listeners can realize that they are young, but so capable of achieving whatever they want. I also love interacting with unfamiliar listeners who tell me that they learned something new or were really impacted by an episode. When I read or hear these stories, it shows me that I am achieving what I set out to do: improving the lives of others by showcasing our common humanity.

This upcoming season of The Trillest is a travel diary. I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and I will take listeners with me on the ride! I plan to visit several countries in Europe and Africa, and I am excited to showcase the things I learn and as well as the crazy. I hope all of you join me on this journey! Happy new semester and I hope you tune in, ciao!



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