Winter Is Coming: Your Fashion Inspiration for the Weather

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Winter Is Coming: Your Fashion Inspiration for the Weather

Who says you can't stay stylish in the cold?

Walking around campus, you may have noticed the sudden drop in temperature. Winter is finally here, but who says you can’t stay stylish in the cold? Here is how to be fashionable when it’s frigid.


One easy way to stay glamorous in the cold weather is to invest in multiple coats of various styles. Owning a neutral-colored, tailored jacket, a black teddy jacket, and a plaid trench coat enables you to mix and match your fashion outfits. A printed statement coat is also one of the most visible ways to look stylish walking through the city streets. Here are some of my favorite designer coats that walked the runway this winter season.

Combat Boots

Black combat boots are perfect year-round, but they are especially great to wear in the winter. Whether Dr. Martens, Timberlands, or a different designer brand, these boots are quintessential to a winter outfit. Invest in a glitzier or more elegant boot for going out and have a classic, black pair for everyday wear. Here are some examples of combat boots perfect for this winter.


Who says you can’t wear your favorite band t-shirt during the wintertime? Layering not only enables you to wear summer-time pieces in the winter season, but it also keeps you warm and ready no matter the temperature. Take your t-shirts and lighter tops and layer them over or underneath a chunkier sweater or hooded sweatshirt. Finally, top the whole outfit with any of the winter coats you have in your closet.  Here are some examples of how to layer for celebrity-like style.

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