Wearing Summer Pieces This Winter

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Wearing Summer Pieces This Winter

Don't break up with your summer must-haves just yet.

Yes! It is possible. The pair of Levi’s shorts you lived in throughout July and the sundress you couldn’t keep your hands off of last summer vacation can and should be worn in the winter months. No, I’m not saying you need to get hypothermia in the name of fashion. Fashion is about wearing clothes that speak to you, and your favorite pair of sandals don’t just stop speaking to you in December. Here are five outfit ideas that’ll inspire you to relabel your summer essentials as winter essentials.

Slip dress

The ‘90s are here to stay, and slip dresses are making appearances everywhere — from the office to the cruise ship to the gala. The unassuming dress is versatile for every occasion and every season. And while you’d probably keep things simple with a pair of strappy sandals in the summer, this fall/winter season rock your favorite slip dress with jeans and a button-down for an extra layer of comfort.

Denim shorts

When baring your legs to subfreezing temperatures, warmth should always be your number one priority. Seriously. Just because you’re not ready to stow away your favorite cutoffs quite yet doesn’t mean you need to endure goosebump-ridden legs. By utilizing fleece-lined tights and over-the-knee boots, wearing shorts in the winter doesn’t have to be painful.

Bike shorts

Remember when all anyone wore last summer was bike shorts, and in celebration (and pure impulse), you stocked up on a more-than-enough supply? Stop dreaming of wearing your biker shorts next summer, and start wearing them now. With a monochrome look paired with transparent footwear, your outfit will scream, “It’s the ‘80s! And I’m warm!”

Floral midi skirt

There’s something truly ethereal about the floral midi skirt. When styled with oversized pieces like a t-shirt dress and longline cardigan, you’ll want to live in this outfit every day of the year (and prance in dandelion fields in the middle of a snowstorm).

Lacy camisole

Lingerie for daywear is all the rage, and the slinky lacy camisole is no exception. Layered over a turtleneck, the lacy cami makes every outfit a little sexier and a little more feminine. And while we’re on the topic of summer items, a bucket hat made out of faux fur is perfect for frigid weather.

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