Comfy Yet Classy: The Secret to the Perfect Coat this Winter

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Comfy Yet Classy: The Secret to the Perfect Coat this Winter

With the scathing wind that barrels between the High Rises, the rustle of leaves under stomping boots on Locust Walk, and a dusting of snow on College Green, it’s no secret that the winter season has touched down in Philadelphia. In the past, I’ve always struggled with the balance between staying warm and dressing for success. I always felt (both figuratively and literally) weighed down by the immense padding on my North Face that would mask the maroon sweater I had donned underneath while also completely clashing with my style of pants. I’m here to tell you now that your outerwear can be a fashion statement as well, with a variety of patterns and colors.

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  1. The Teddy Coat – A classic on campus, this coat actually has a wide range of benefits. With the soft texture, it’s easy to feel like you’re snuggled in a blanket on the way to class, while also adding a more casual element to the day’s ensemble. In addition, the teddy coat has extensive variety. You can get this jacket long or short, in multiple shades of brown (which are versatile with any type of outfit), and even experiment with some more fun colors this upcoming winter season (red or burnt orange). This jacket overall helps to bring back a hint of warmth from the fall to the icy depths of a Pennsylvania winter.

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2. The Trench Coat – This jacket can be used in multiple settings. This sophisticated style makes you look like you’re ready to go to any business meeting, but if you’re just suiting up for the long trek to DRL, this will keep you just as warm as well (the fact that it goes all the way down to your knees is a plus in braving against the cold weather). The simple tone ensures it will match will almost anything, and is available in a variety of other colors and patterns. On a warmer day, you can choose to leave the front open, letting everyone see your beautiful outfit underneath.

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3. The Pea Coat – Though this has a similar style to the trench coat, it’s shorter length may be a little better for our shorter readers who often find trench coats brushing their ankles. The two sets of buttons add an interesting emphasis to another part of a jacket not typically admired, and gives the freedom to mix and match the color of the jacket with the color and texture of the button. In addition, the material is often woolen and is great for warmth as well.

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4. The Puffer Jacket – This coat may be the most practical when it comes to keeping you warm. Though I previously felt trapped by the style of this coat, I’ve now come to find that there are a variety of styles that exist with this too. When it comes to puffer jackets, you may want to consider bright, bolder colors such as bright red, or even green or pink. The outward inflated appearance combined with these shades is sure to add a splash of color to the dreary winter day. You can even add a fur-lined hood to ensure extra heat around your head (and shield you from the snow!).

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