Shops You Shouldn’t Miss on Depop

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Shops You Shouldn’t Miss on Depop

Sustainable living is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds now, and it extends to the fashion industry as well. An easy way to avoid fast fashion and participate in smart shopping is by buying pre-loved clothing. Depop is an app for buying and selling clothes, and there are plenty of cool “shops” that people have set up for various tastes and styles, however, you’ll find that the most common aesthetic is vintage, mostly 90’s centered. Here are some that you should check out the next time you’re buying second-hand. If you’re not the best at finding vintage or thrifting, allow these shops to curate for you. 

May December Vintage @maydecembervintage

This shop looks like the type of vintage clothing you’d be happy to take from your grandmother’s closet. Fun, loose silhouettes coupled with great basics make this shop a clear choice.

Rae @raithlyn

This shop, while smaller, has fun, sporty, everyday options. It reminds me of the cool clothes That One Friend always finds while thrifting in the places that you wouldn’t usually check.

Ekaterina Miroshina @ekamiroshina

This store moves towards more pastel pieces, while also selling great accessories. It’s overseas so the shipping will be more expensive, but the cost could be worth it when you’re rocking this pale yellow MiuMiu crop top. 

Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

Now you can shop straight from the closet (literally) of famous fashion influencers. There are many bloggers on Depop, but Chiara Ferragni’s selection of her unique pieces is one of my favorites. 

Avec Desires Vintage @avecdesireshop

Perhaps what draws me to this shop, aside from the colorful, floral, Lisa-Says-Gah-esque clothing, is the clothing’s photography. These dainty pieces truly look like they were pulled from a treasure trove. 

These do not even scrape the surface of the world that is Depop, and scouring for cool pieces on the app is almost as satisfying as finding them in a thrift store or consignment shop yourself.

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