Seven Fashion Rules to Break

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Seven Fashion Rules to Break

Following these style edicts is so last season.

Size 14 model Ali Tate Cutler was recently named the first plus-size model for Victoria’s Secret. The brand, which previously faced backlash for its model homogeneity, has now joined the movement toward body inclusivity. In honor of Cutler and the many models who have fought against the narrow-minded idea of what fashion should be, here are seven outdated fashion rules (body-oriented and otherwise) to break this season.

“Petites shouldn’t wear long dresses”

Advocates for this rule argue that long dresses and skirts swallow a petite frame. Really, the extra fabric elongates a petite girl’s legs and transforms every girl, regardless of height, into a supermodel.

Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

“Plus-sized girls should avoid horizontal stripes”

I went through a phase during which horizontal stripes made up an overwhelming 75% of my closet. And I felt great. No one should be made to feel that a certain pattern makes them look anything less than beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Man Repeller

“No white after Labor Day”

Stowing away your white attire between Labor Day and Memorial Day is a waste of perfectly good white jeans, tops, dresses, etc. There’s never a bad time to look clean and fresh.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

“Save lingerie for the bedroom”

From slip dresses paired with matching satin jackets to bustiers worn under unbuttoned blazers, daytime lingerie is becoming more and more prevalent. Why should you hide something that gorgeous?

Photo courtesy of Sami Miro

“Take one accessory off before leaving the house”

Coco Chanel’s rule always lingered in the back of my mind when I got ready in the morning. But setting your own style means pushing boundaries, even if that means rocking silver and gold rings together or studded sunglasses that steal the show.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

“Don’t mix patterns”

So what if I want to wear leopard and zebra? Plaid and polka dots? Why should snakeskin trousers be paired with a solid black top? Don’t turn off the outrageous: embrace it.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

“Black doesn’t really go with everything”

It’s silly that an age-old rule prevents us from wearing neutrals together. We’re told that black+navy and black+brown combos are a clashing disaster, but the truth is, black really does go with everything.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

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