Plaid, Feathers, and Period Pieces

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Plaid, Feathers, and Period Pieces

Look out for these three Fall/Winter 2019 runway trends

The Fall/Winter 2019 runway shows took place last spring. Now that autumn is here, let’s take a look at three key trends:


There is nothing I love more than a structured suit or a jacket on a woman. Not only do these pieces signify power, but they also restructure traditional feminine shapes. The structured silhouettes below are elevated by the designers’ choices of plaid patterns.


Feathers were another key trend in Fall 2019 shows all around the world. Whether they were dyed multiple colors or completely black, feathers provided a wealth of volume and movement on the runways.

Period Pieces

Another key trend in the Fall 2019 runway shows was inspiration from past time periods. Whether it was through bustiers, puffy sleeves, or Victorian neck ruffles, the designers took us on a journey through time.

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