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Instagram Style Crushes

These five influencers will slay your feed with their streetwear picks.

Instagram is an easy way to discover new trends and inspiration from brands and influencers. Among all of the accounts I follow on Instagram, these are just a few of my favorites. Alani Figueroa, Anaa Saber, Jenny Lin, Alyssa Lee, and Kicki Yang Zhang all inspire me with their streetwear outfits. 

Alani Figueroa, Insta: wuzg00d

With her embellished acrylic nails, dyed hair, and perfectly styled outfits, Alani Figueroa is an ultimate style crush of mine. She pushes the boundaries of conventional streetwear with neon colors and detailed accessories. Many of her photos also have hilarious and witty captions paired with them. Here are some looks that I love:

Anaa Saber, Insta: oursecondskin

Anaa Saber uses her international roots to creatively style her looks. Whether she is wearing a bright pink furry raincoat in Moscow or a pantsuit with camo high tops in Paris, she looks superb. She also always tops off her outfits with a pair of cool sneakers. Here are some looks that I love: 

Jenny Lin, Insta: jennylinnnn

Jenny Lin’s classic streetwear look is a pair of oversized joggers or sweats paired with a sweatshirt, crop top, graphic tee, or structured jacket. She accessorizes with mini bags, chains, and oversized sunglasses. Here are some looks that I am obsessed with:

Alyssa Lee, Insta: alvssa_

Australian influencer Alyssa Lee uses a variety of bright colors to put together unique looks. No matter what, she styles her outfits with a designer bag and oversized sneakers. Here are some of my favorite looks:

Kicki Yang Zhang, Insta: kickiyangz

Just from looking at Kicki Yang Zhang’s Instagram profile you can be drawn to her sense of style. In addition to photos that feature her colorful style and designer staples, her profile includes pictures of detailed makeup designs. Whether she is wearing the newest sneakers, tiny bags, or creative makeup, Kicki is my style crush. Here are some of her best looks: 

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