It’s 2019, the Year of the…Comeback?

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It’s 2019, the Year of the…Comeback?

Numerous trends have snaked their way in and out of style. Whether it be the assortment of Silly Bandz on your wrist (all the rage on the elementary school playground), the endless array of infinity scarves dangling in your closet, or the fur-lined Ugg boots, at one point or another there was a single product everyone had to have their hand on. But recently, rather than figuring out what new colored sequin to adorn a boot with next, or coming out with the most shocking fabric pattern, many designers are looking towards the past for their latest inspiration. The following are some fashion fads that are reemerging as the next biggest thing.

Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

  1. The Style: Mom Jeans; The Decade: 90s – Though we previously strayed far away from any product we thought our parents would endorse, skinny jeans have been fading away to be replaced by this new style. Rather than hugging your ankle, it gives your legs a little room to breathe.

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2. The Style: Round, Small Sunglasses; The Decade: 20s – As influencer Kanye West previously stated “Big glasses are out. Small glasses are in”. This is the second time this trend is reappearing as it previously came up in the 70s as well. Though these may not necessarily cover the entire job of blocking out the sun, they can turn any casual look into a sophisticated, yet edgy appearance. You don’t even necessarily have to go for round, try other shapes too!

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3. The Style: Scrunchies; The Decade: 90s – Now when your friend asks for a hair tie, she may be looking for this colorful addition instead! Not only do these hair pieces come in all colors and patterns, you can customize the material as well (velvet, corduroy, silk). Another perk is for those with coarser, curlier hair, this accessory is easier on the mane.

Image Courtesy of H&M

4. The Style: White Chunky Boots; The Decade: 70s – First Ugg boots, then Hunter boots, now it’s Gogo boots. While this color is typically associated with sneakers, the typical colors of brown, black and gray are being replaced by this standout style. You may even want to consider investing in another print as well: snake skin.

Image Courtesy of DSW

5. The Style: Chunky Sneakers; The Decade: 80s – Jokingly referred to as “dad” sneakers, this footwear can be the perfect accompaniment to mom jeans on a casual day out. You can also pair it with a cute midi skirt, or even a dress to tone down an extravagant outfit. The 2020s may just become the new decade for the sneaker.

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6. The Style: Puffy Sleeves; The Decade: 80s and 90s – While this look may appear bold at first, when dressed down with jeans, it eliminates the need for any additional neckline accessory. When you still want to be comfortable but professional, this makes the perfect addition to any brunch date! Paired with high-waisted jeans and a simple belt, you’ll look effortlessly chic.

Image Courtesy of Crystalline

7. The Style: Animal Print; The Decade: 60s – We thought that our cheetah print was going to stay hidden in the back of our closet for the rest of time. But you can dust it off now, because this popular print of the 60s is resurfacing in all clothing types – bodysuits, body con dresses, midi skirts, mini skirts, blouses, and more. But maybe hold off on the zebra…We’re not sure if we’re there yet.

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8. The Style: Neon Accents; The Decade: 80s – While it was previously thought that the safe move was to go with a more subdued heel or accessory, you may want to try enhancing an outfit with a small splash of color. Even the smallest bracelet can make a difference.

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9. The Style: Chokers; The Decade: 90s – We’ve been talking a lot on the clothing and shoes side of things, but why not add an accessory to the side? If your neckline is looking a little bare, instead of looking through your long necklaces, try a choker for your outfit instead. The great part is that there are so many different styles out there.

Image Courtesy of Everlane

10. The Style: Oversized Blazer; The Decade: 80s – Sometimes a leather or denim jacket isn’t really fitting the vibe of the night. You may want to try this outerwear instead for a classier, but also comfier look.

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