Fashion Abroad: Madrid

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Fashion Abroad: Madrid

As a current study abroad student in Scotland, I decided to contribute to The WALK community by sharing some insights into fashion outside of the U.S. This is one of several articles I will be writing about fashion abroad, and how people of other cultures dress. For this article, I focus on a city I recently visited: Madrid.

Madrid is a beautiful city, especially in the spring. When I visited, the sun was always shining, splaying shadows on the colorful buildings. Despite being a major city, Madrid has a very outdoors feel to it. Plazas are filled with kids playing or locals having their morning zumo (juice). It is not difficult to find a nice garden or a beautiful fountain. Tucked away into the side streets are cafes, convenience stores, boutiques, and tourist shops.

Art and food — two of the best things on this planet — are also everywhere. You can take a stroll and enjoy the architecture, or view some street art and wall murals. Alternatively, you can check out one of the many art museums to see all types of art, including works by Picasso. Restaurants are abundant, as are outdoor markets. You can also pop into a bar to have some wine and tapas. The city is easygoing yet lively, which is also a perfect way to describe the street style.

Here are some of the most prominent fashion choices I picked up on during my trip.


It is not uncommon to see someone wearing a denim jacket, jeans, or even a full Canadian tuxedo. The denim brings a cool informality to the Madrileños’ style.

Leather jackets

Adding to the cool informality trend are leather jackets. It is very common to see someone wearing one and they are worn in all cuts and colors.

Duster coats

Because it is not cold enough to wear full coats, light jackets (such as denim and leather jackets) are common. Duster coats seemed like a popular choice to throw on top of an outfit. Instant chic without any of the hassle.

Animal Print

Although cheetah print and snakeskin were the most common, I also spotted someone rocking zebra print.


I think this trend applies to most cities, and Madrid is no exception. However, there was a little more variety beyond the typical white Stan Smiths and the dad shoes. It makes sense that Madrid has adopted the trend in a wider variety since the Madrileños have a unique, laid back style.

Platform Shoes

Whether it be sandals, oxfords, or boots, platform shoes were a popular choice among Spanish girls.

Colorful Scarves

I think this trend was one of the best suited for Madrid. It is the perfect way to combine European chicness with the colorful nature of the city. They are versatile as well because they can be worn as neck ties or hair accessories.

Midi Skirts

I’ve noticed this trend in the UK as well, but they were especially prevalent in Madrid — midi skirts, usually in a bold pattern and usually in a silky fabric. These can be dressed up with heels and a leather jacket, or dressed down with sneakers and t-shirt.

Madrileños definitely know how to combine comfort with style, and their style adapts perfectly for chilly or slightly warmer weather. Hopefully this gives you some style inspiration for the upcoming Spring.

Images courtesy of: Pinterest, Song of Style, @erealouro (Instagram), @styleinmadrid (Instagram), @holacuore (Instagram), @mypeeptoes (Instagram), @emitaz (Instagram)

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