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Color Psychology

The WALK Online’s seventh photo shoot

Quote from the team:

“This photoshoot attempts to represent the colors of spring as it gets warmer and sunnier outside in Philadelphia. Red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and pink. Within the context of psychology, these colors have specific moods and emotions associated with them. Red embodies love and excitement. Blue represents sadness and calmness. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm and attention. Green signifies envy and meditation. Yellow illustrates warmth and energy. And finally, pink encapsulates genuineness and kindness. Each model took on that color’s emotion, as well as dressed in their vibrant shade from head to toe. The makeup was uniform, except for the eyeshadow which were shades of bright colors to match the models’ outfits. The models experimented with each other, as well as the podiums and boxes around the room. With natural lighting from the sun, the chosen photo shoot set became an all-white art space. Thus, the models symbolize living human sculptures, artistic in themselves.”

Marina Gialanella (Apparel Stylist), Jessica Saad (Photographer), Keri Zhang (Beauty Stylist)

Models: Marina Gialanella, Katie DePaola, Michelle Cai, Rachel Trenne, Lisa Cheong

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