Celebrity Inspo: Tyler, the Creator


Celebrity Inspo: Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator is a man of many talents. From crafting a Grammy nominated album, Flower Boy, to making movie sound tracks, and launching his own clothing line, this artist has seemingly endless energy and creativity. And while he has grown from a controversial and dark rapper to a more mature and well-known creative, he has still kept his goofy and irreverent style. As shown in his clothing line Golf Wang, he has a preference for bright colors, skate-inspired silhouettes, floral and retro patterns, and generally anything that is fun and bold. His no-effs-given attitude and ability to create his own unique aesthetic provide fashion inspiration and remind us to dress for ourselves, not for others.

Style Tips

How can one dress more like Tyler and draw inspiration from him? Well to begin with, Tyler relies heavily on skate-inspired looks. This means straight/wide chinos, often cropped or cut, graphic tees, cool vans or converse, and maybe a beanie. Unlike other celebs who rely on designer brands for clout, he makes wearing clothes that can get beat up and thrown on look just as cool. And what is more important than the individual items that he wears is the attitude behind them. Wear what you want, wear what you find comfortable, and don’t be afraid to make a statement with your clothing . If you want to wear a bright puffer jacket and your dad’s old chinos, wear it! What Tyler reminds us is that getting dressed is fun and an opportunity to be bold.

Specific Pieces

To get started, here are some specific pieces that fit the aesthetic. Of course, there is no skater boy without a pair of dickies. I especially like them in less popular colors, like forest green or brown. Another similar style is workwear pants, such as these vibrant Stan-rays. In terms of shoes, any fun sneakers will do, but I particularly like these color-blocked Vans and Nike blazers. For shirts, I suggest scrounging around your closet, a thrift store, or any cool store for a shirt with a fun print, retro details, or interesting logo. To top it off, a denim jacket or puffer pairs well.


UO Sweater Polo- $39

UO Open Collar Shirt-$49

Zara Women’s Graphic Long Sleeve- $30


UO Women’s Work Pants- $40

Men’s Dickies- $23

and of course.. Thrift, try Buffalo Exchange or Retrospect Vintage


Old Skool Vans- $60

Nike Blazer Mid- $100

Converse One Star- $55

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