Changing the Game with Color Changing Cosmetics

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Changing the Game with Color Changing Cosmetics

Although mood rings are no longer as popular as they once were in the early 2000’s, the color-changing obsession has stuck around, and it has officially hit the beauty sphere in a major way—with heat-activated and pH-changing beauty products.

Basically, these color changing products utilize special pigments that react with your pH or skin temperature to produce a shade that looks unique on everyone. This trend has manifested itself in lipsticks, blush, foundations and even nail polish and hair dye, (although the two latter trends are more about creating a cool gradient affect rather than getting the best color to match one’s skin tone and complexion.)

Another way these products can change color is from the utilization of encapsulated pigments. In this case, the colorant is coated with a waxy or gel-like ingredient and suspended in an uncolored base. When the product is rubbed onto your skin the friction breaks open the dye capsules releasing the color.

The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because the more your rub in the color, the more chemicals are released. Encapsulated colors work best in cream and powder-based products, although they can be used in water-based lotions with the right kind of encapsulating agent.

The following are some examples of color changing products you can test out:

Frog Prince Lipstick, $25, Nordstrom

It’s hard to believe this deep green hue changes into a rosebud pink, but it does as soon as it hits your lips. The warmth of your lips causes the shift, as Vitamin E and shea butter work to keep them hydrated.

Velvet Lip & Cheek Stick, $8, The Body Shop

Although the color is surprising, this black lip and cheek stick have a formula that turns into a universal poppy shade that’s unique to your complexion. It offers a medium coverage with a matte finish, and this multipurpose stick has a faint floral scent you’ll be sure to adore too.

Courtesy of Sweet and Bitter Blog

Smashbox O-GLOW Intuitive Cheek Color With Goji Berry-C Complex, $29, Sephora

It goes on clear, but it won’t stay that way for long. Smashbox’s Intuitive Cheek Color shifts into a complimenting blush hue for you, and only you, based on your body chemistry. Packed with Goji Berry-C Complex and revitalizing botanicals, it offers skin benefits as well as a natural glow.

Color Changing Polish, $10, Ruby Wing

Made with solar technology, this color changing polish undergoes a dramatic change when you move from indoor lighting to outdoor sunlight. Can’t settle on just one nail color? This gel polish gives you two shades for the price of one. Indoors, you’ll be rocking a neon turquoise, but in the sunlight it’ll change to a deep blue teal, no polish remover required!

TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream ,$13

If you’ve ever had trouble finding that perfect-match foundation, this one-color-fits-all CC Cream is for you. While the formula comes out white, once you blend it into your skin, it adapts to a shade perfectly suited for your skin tone. For no-makeup makeup days, this is an essential.

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