Glitter and Grit


Glitter and Grit

Sparkle into the New Year with our Fourth Shoot.

“In this photoshoot, we decided to take on some glitter for the holiday season. Besides the festive vibe from the mingling of glittery and metallic textures, the high necklines take us back to the 80s. The fishnets were inspired by blogger Chiara Ferragni’s Calzedonia tights. As a departure from more uptight ways of dressing, we wanted to play with the idea of fashion breaking free from conventions. Everyone should dress freely and pull off what most reflects their personality. These outfits are a contrast to minimalism, and the opposite of simplicity.”

Alice Zhao (Apparel Stylist), Ennie Gantulga (Beauty Stylist), and Erica Xin (Photographer)

Models: Bebe Hodges, Thomas Bonte, and Lisa Sato 


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