Bathed in Color

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Bathed in Color

A Vivid Pool of Texture, Material and Hue

This body of work explores the transmutation of transparency into vibrancy. In the place of water is a vivid pool of texture and material and hue, bathing our scene in color. We kept the apparel simple—an elegant white dress—since we then had colorful detailed makeup as well as a variety of fabrics all over the tub. We wanted to show that the opportunities for what to use to design clothing are endless, and the process of creating in general. So much thinking goes into designing, whether that be the sketches, picking the fabrics, making the patterns, putting it together, and everything in between. Sometimes this process is messy, and that’s exactly what we wanted to capture. This shoot is anything but posed. We had our model sprawl in multiple different positions by just having her play with the fabric and explore that model and material relationship. 

Marina Gialanella (Apparel Stylist), Keri Zhang (Beauty Stylist), and Jessica Saad (Photographer)

Model: Keri Zhang

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