Taking Care of Your Lips in Winter

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Taking Care of Your Lips in Winter

As the temperature and humidity start to drop, winter arrives in Philadelphia. It is the time of year when we’d rather stay indoors than venture into the cold and windy night. However, no matter inside or outside, moisture flees from our skin at a fast speed during winter and even faster from our lips because those skin cell layers are the thinnest.

It is not too late to prepare our lips for the dry, windy and cold winter that’s around the corner, and here are some tips to help you take better care of your lips.

Use mild, non-alcoholic makeup remover

For those of us who like to put on hints of red on our lips, it is better to completely remove the remaining pigment on our lips by the end of the day. Eye and lip makeup removers are specially designed to be gentle and efficient for sensitive skin, rarely leaving behind any pigments that would generate residual discoloring on our lips.

Use a gentle lip scrub once a week

Gently massage a lip scrub onto your lips in a circular motion, and leave it on for three or four minutes. This way the exfoliator can remove dead skin cells, stimulate your metabolism, and reveal the natural complexion and radiance of the lips.

Use lip masks once or twice a week

Whenever we return home from a tiring day, and find our lips to be dried out and cracked, the best method of restoration is a lip mask. Apply the lip mask and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Continue this routine for two weeks and your lips will return to their healthy state. If you are too busy to use lip masks, try to apply a thick layer of lip balm on the lips before going to sleep. An overnight treatment like this will render smooth and soft lips the next morning. Try to pick scent-free products with natural ingredients. Remember, the lips are very sensitive, so always pick the most gentle and simple formula available.

Use lip balms with SPF

Just like our face, our lips need sunscreen as well. Using lip balms with SPF not only provides moisture, but also gives an additional layer of protection from the ultraviolet rays that darken the lips.

Other small tips on lip care

Never peel the dead skin with bare hands. Soften the dead skin cells with a warm towel, and apply a layer of lip moisturizer instead.

Before reapplying lip color after meals, always remove the oil and stain from the lips.

Apply a layer of lip moisturizer several minutes before lip color. It not only smoothes the lips and reduces the cracks, but also helps accentuate the lip color.

A lot of the lip products mentioned can be DIY-ed. Other than being budget-friendly, DIY lip products are often free of any additives or irritating ingredients.

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