Shades of Simplicity, Moments of Motion


Shades of Simplicity, Moments of Motion

The WALK Online's third photo shoot.

“This photoshoot seeks to capture the elements of simplicity and motion.  The apparel for this shoot is inspired by renowned fashion stylist Shiona Turini, who designed the looks for Solange’s Cranes in the Sky and Beyonce’s Formation.  Turini focuses on illustrating “bold colors and strong silhouettes”, which in part is what we wanted to emulate. However, instead of focusing on bold colors, we decided to use shades of white and grey to play into the concept of simplicity. To incorporate the notion of “strong silhouettes” the models are captured in stances of power and movement.  In terms of makeup, we chose a look which included nude shades, lustrous lip gloss and a touch of sparkling highlighter.”

– Lauren Tappan

Lauren Tappan (Creative Director), Nathaly De La Paz (Photographer), Jules Wonodi (Beauty Stylist), Morgan Jones (Videographer)

Models: Vida Lugo and Kyle Oden


The WALK Creative Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes
Video Courtesy of Morgan Jones

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