Top Five Aspirational Watches to Buy Post-Grad


Top Five Aspirational Watches to Buy Post-Grad

LaFerrari Aperta - Hublot

Image Courtesy of Hublot

This watch is absolutely crazy. It’s a collaboration piece between esteemed watch producer Hublot and sportscar company Ferrari. This piece was made to symbolise elements of Ferrari motorsport while maintaining the edgy look and feel that is synonymous with Hublot watches. The design mimics the engine display that is present in most Ferraris, detailing the complex engineering that allows for the peak performance of some of the world’s most renown supercars. The case is carved entirely from sapphire and from most angles it appears to float, which offers unique perspectives of the watch from any direction. With a price tag of $200K+, this watch is the epitome of extravagance.

Traditionnelle World Time - Vacheron Constantin

Image Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

This next piece is one you won’t be seeing on your daily stroll to Huntsman Hall. It’s a unique timepiece adorned in 18K pink gold that allows you to tell the time across the world through a simple adjustment. The watch is self-winding and displays an aesthetically pleasing depiction of the Northern Hemisphere. Another cool feature of this watch is its day/night feature, which indicates to the user whether it’s day or night. As a result, you’ll never get mixed up between 12am or 12pm ever again. In addition to the hemisphere background, this two-toned watch face makes this one of the most unique, globally-inspired watches I have ever seen. Written across the watch are names of various cities across the world, each representing a different time zone. This watch is also special in that its case has a clear backing, which allows you a unique glimpse into the accessory’s technical functions. This is a really unique watch that combines practicality with cosmopolitan fashion.

Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph - IWC Schaffhausen

Image Courtesy of IWC Schaffhausen

IWCs are some of the most classic, most elegant timepieces available. They go exceptionally well with any suit and incorporate many vintage aspects into their newer models. As IWC watches are painstakingly assembled by hand, it’s easy to see how adding functions that determine the day of the week, the date, the month, and the year all while including a lunar phase display could severely increase the complexity of creating such a timepiece. What’s even more impressive is that this DaVinci model was IWC’s first model that incorporated a mechanical chronograph with a lunar phase display within the subdial, and is a testament to the high levels of craftsmanship that IWC boasts. The case is 18K red gold and draws eyes from all over the room towards its simple, yet alluring appearance. To top all of this off, this perpetual calendar- a mechanism in the watch that displays the date while adjusting for the differences in month lengths and leap years- has been crafted so well that it doesn’t require any adjustments until the year 2499, a symbol of the apparent craftsmanship dedicated to this watch.

Stainless Steel Nautilus - Patek Philippe

Image Courtesy of Mio Jewelry

If there’s one watch that screams Wharton, it’s this one. The Nautilus is perhaps one of the most distinct symbols of watchmaking today. For some, it symbolises aspiration. For others, it’s a bold statement piece. Regardless, the Nautilus is a watch that is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. Given its dark blue face, contrasting stainless steel case, and octagonal face, this watch offers a classic look in an innovative art form.

Royal Oak Grande Complication Automatic White Gold - Audemars Piguet

Image Courtesy of Jomashop

Your eyes aren’t tricking you–this watch is really over a million dollars. But for this watch, it’s probably worth it. The case is adorned in white gold, boasting a blue waffle textured dial. The blue dial is further accentuated by the case’s blue alligator leather strap. It also boasts a perpetual calendar indicating the month, day, and week with a moon phase indicator on the top. Given that this watch is made by hand and takes years to complete, you can understand how complicated it must be to add all of these features into such a compact timepiece. Most of you will think I am wild for saying this wristwatch is worth the price of over $1 million–but when have you ever seen a watch as gorgeous as this one?

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