Color Crush: Red Pear


Color Crush: Red Pear

At first glance, the color Red Pear seems very simple and unambiguous. Discovered in the early 1950s in Medford, Oregon, the skin of the Red Anjou Pear is generally compared to the color of red wine, but varies from pear to pear. In the same way, the color Red Pear is more of a spectrum instead of a singular shade of red.

With undertones of yellow, orange and purple, the true presentation of the color somewhat changes based on the amount of light that it is in.

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What’s special about Red Pear is that it is subtle despite the fact that it can add a pop of color to many different outfits. The fact that it is a mixture of multiple colors allows it to compliment a range of colors in a way that pure red could never. You can choose to dress entirely in Red Pear and stand out in a crowd, or opt to simply add accessories of this color to weave in a bit of spice to your wardrobe.

Regardless, the versatility of Red Pear is sure to serve you well when looking to add a sophisticated flare to your presence.

Here is some inspiration for achieving this look:

Zara Textured Weave Jacket, $119.00; Zara Textured Weave Pants, $59.90
Photo Courtesy of Zara

Zara Bomber Jacket with Stripes, $89.90
Photo Courtesy of Zara
ASOS Men’s Scarf in Burgundy, estimated price $29
Photo Courtesy of ASOS
Coach Rogue Brief, $695
Photo Courtesy of Coach
Finechamra Handmade Burgundy Chelsea Triple Boots, $199.99
Photo Courtesy of Finechamra

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