A Dreamy Glow

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A Dreamy Glow

The WALK creative team brings concept to fruition.

“The concept of our shoot revolved around a holographic, psychedelic and almost dream-like state. We focused on the use of colors and light to create the overall mood, and tried to embody the vaporware concept into our shoots. Our goal was to create an illusion of effortlessness when it came down to the make-up and stuck to an overall glossy finish to reflect this concept of light that we were playing with throughout the shoot. In terms of fashion choice, we were inspired by Kim Kardashian and stuck to basic nude pieces, which also helped to make sure we did not detract from the colors already being projected onto the model. This simplicity of the models’ apparel and makeup helped the background to not conflict with the model, and created a balanced intermix between the two.”

~Yuni Kim (Apparel Stylist), Nathaly De La Paz (Photographer), Jules Wonodi (Beauty Stylist)

Model: Jamie Lee 

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