5 Ways to Wear Scarves: Penn Edition

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5 Ways to Wear Scarves: Penn Edition

The Huntsman Hall

Perfect for your first rounds and superdays, this is the go-to knot for every formal occasion. It’s relaxed, confident, and goes well with a wool coat. There are two ways to wear this scarf, both of which require no knots! Just casually drape the scarf off of your neck straight down, for a more casual look that can be used in social settings as well. Or cross sides to create an X for a formal look. If you need any inspiration, just look around Huntsman for the best dressed professors!

Image courtesy of 9ightout

The Saxbys and Chill

This look is laid back, easy, and offers you a classy addition to one of your standard outfits. It embodies casual dress with a refined taste. All you have to do is make one end of the scarf longer than the other and throw the longer side behind your back.

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The Franklin’s Table Formality

This look is for the high and mighty. It screams elegant and extra. All you have to do is create a loop as if you’re tying your shoes, pull the scarf out and drape it over the knot. This creates a very bold look and should be used with more formal outfits as a statement piece. Wearing this knot often and using it as an accent to your everyday outfits will help you stand out from the crowd. Consider it with a knit sweater and dark trousers. Just like the food at Franklin’s Table, this look is small, refined, and extra.

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Center City Cruiser

Add a little sauce to your preppy outfit – a perfect look. All you have to do is unevenly drape the scarf down your neck and wrap it around until it falls evenly on your other shoulder. Match this with a dashing trench coat and large, chunky sunglasses for an imposing yet balanced look or keep it calm and combine it with a blazer/t-shirt combination. Consider this a versatile accessory for all occasions spanning from shopping to brunch at Louie Louie.

Monsieur Jerome, Milan Fashion Week
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Date Night Demon

This final, simple look is one you don’t want to take with you to a Banana Leaf BYO. It’s neat, lacks effort but adds a fresh dimension of style to your everyday outfit. Using this look for a date night almost guarantees you’ll be the suavest man there and will be sure to knock your date off their feet. Combine this versatile look on top of a jumper or layered formal look to add emphasis on the details. Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck, and pull the loose ends through the loop that your fold created and BAM – you’re looking like an impeccable gentleman.

Image courtesy of 9ightout

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