How To Update Your Makeup Look for Spring

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How To Update Your Makeup Look for Spring

The newest makeup trends that will shake up your look for this season.

This spring season is all about taking risks and trying out new makeup looks! The all natural/no makeup trend is certainly an easy and subtle go-to, but why not switch it up a bit? I’ve compiled a list of new makeup trends from the most fabulous fashion sources to give you 10 new innovative makeup trends for Spring 2018.

1. Subtle glitter:

If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your look, glitter makeup is the way to go! However, the key to applying glitter is not to overdo it.  If you add just a bit of glitter to the outside corners of your eye and underneath your lashes, it will give you a sparkly, subtle shine.

Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

2. One-shade shadows:

Using one bold shade for your eyeshadow color is a look! To perfect this look, it’s essential to use a vivid color so that you can give your eyes a bright, refreshing appearance.

Image Courtesy of Refinery29

3. Rose gold everywhere:

Rose gold highlighter is the perfect way to brighten up your cheeks and give your face that nice pinkish spring glow.

Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

4. Gloss, gloss and more gloss!:

Attention! The early 2000’s trend of the super glossy lip has made its return. For this spring season, instead of picking up your usual matte lipstick, try out an extra shiny lip gloss.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

5. Bright colored waterline eyeliner:

Applying a bright color to your waterline is another great way to give your eyes a nice pop of color. In this case less is more, so you only need to apply a small line of colored-eyeliner to your waterline.

Image courtesy of InStyle

6. Blunt black eyeliner:

Say goodbye to the winged eyeliner look and hello to the blunt eyeliner trend.  The trick to this trend is making sure that when you apply your eyeliner, you round out the tip instead of creating a sharp winged edge.

Image courtesy of Elle

7. Metallic inner corner eyeshadow:

To carry on this season’s theme of brightness, try filling in the corner of your eyes with a dab of light metallic eyeshadow!

Image courtesy of Allure

8. More metallic! …. for your lips:

As opposed to using light metallic colors, try applying a dark shade of metallic for your lips.  Dark metallic shades with undertones of purple, red and brown will work best.

Image courtesy of Allure

9. Liquid blush:

Liquid blush is a fun alternative to powder blush.  The nice thing about liquid blush is that it gives your cheeks an intense pink look, and that is exactly what you want for this spring. This season is all about bringing out the pink!

Image courtesy of Allure

10. Thick lashes:

The thick look isn’t just for brows, it’s for eyelashes too! You will want to use a dense mascara in  order to give your lashes a defined and dramatic look.

Image courtesy of Elle

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