Shifting into Spring: New Eye Makeup Trends to Try

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Shifting into Spring: New Eye Makeup Trends to Try

From Paris to Milan to New York Fashion Week runways, there is no doubt there is an abundance of eye makeup trends that are about to appear everywhere this upcoming Spring/Summer season. Here is a brief (yet incomplete) list of some of the newest 2018 Spring colors to try!

1. Gold All Around

Dozens of bloggers, editors and celebs have been wearing pure-gold highlighter. Although not the most subtle highlight choice, golden highlighter appears to have a holographic affect, and could be the newest addition to your makeup arsenal! Apart from highlighter, gold also appears to be the most sought out seasonal eyeliner color, with searches on Pinterest increasing over 700%. Ideas for wearing gold eyeliner are as follows:

Adding gold liner to both the top and bottom of your eyes will really make your eyes stand out!
Image Courtesy of BAZAAR
To make the gold really pop, try pairing it with bold black eyeliner.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
When wings are too tricky, try a gold crease by itself
Image courtesy of Denisa Adriana
For something slightly more sophisticated, try splitting the ends of your eyeliner into two.
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

And if these trends are too bold for your taste and you’d rather have a more subtle take on this trend, simply add some gold to your lower lash line and the inner corners of the eye for a minimal yet brightening highlight.

2. Dusty Pastels

Surprise! Dusty Pastels are back yet again for the spring, as they always seem to be. However, to keep this look fresh and modernized, combine various shades together and blend the color over the entire lid and brow bone. 

Image courtesy of Musely

3. Corals + Peaches

Like gold, peach and coral can be used for all types of makeup, but coral-orange eyeshadow especially appears to be one of the most popular trends this season. To master the look without going overboard, pair the eyeshadow with a nude lip and understated blush. The coral hues will balance out, so you’re left turning heads without looking overdone.

Image Courtesy of Leyla

4. Nude!

Not to be mistaken for the no-makeup makeup trend, nude makeup was one of the biggest trends on the spring runways. Once might question why someone should go for nude makeup, as upfront it seems, to be frank, quite boring. However, the trick is to vary the texture and tone of your nudes on each feature, like keeping your eyeshadow metallic, your blush matte, and your lips glossy. In short, it’s a subtle way to add dimensional and textural interest to your look.

Image Courtesy of LadyStyle

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