Celebrity Skincare Secrets

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Celebrity Skincare Secrets

The celebrity guide to maintaining flawless skin.

From being chased down by the paparazzi to making guest appearances on TV shows, one of the main priorities of many celebrities is ensuring that their skin looks flawless on camera.  Aside from plastic surgery, laser treatment or using ridiculously priced products, many celebrities have simple skincare secrets in order to help them maintain healthy and flawless skin!

Gabrielle Union is famous for her ageless appearance; she’s 45 yet she looks like she could be 25! Union claims that she owes her youthful look to her genetics, but also to her skincare regimen.  She explains that although her skin is naturally oily, she’s realized that it’s still important for her to use oils in order to keep her skin moisturized. One of her favorite oils is Julie’s Camellia Oil ($24): “I’ve told everybody about it. I’m not a paid spokesperson, but this oil is a godsend”.

(Gabrielle Union Interview, Elle Magazine)


Blake Lively’s skincare secret is so simple, yet extremely essential.  Lively explains how she deals with her skin during seasonal changes: In winter, I focus on hydration, in summer, I go with lighter moisturizers, and regardless of the season, I am always focused on sun protection.” Lively is spot on with her statement; you should always wear sunscreen even if it’s not a warm and sunny day. UV light from sun rays can deeply damage your skin and cause redness, discoloration and dryness, so it is important to keep your skin protected with SPF!

(Blake Lively Interview, bellamumma.com)


Alicia Keys’ makeup-free look is absolutely stunning! So, how does she do it? Keys’ makeup artist claims that one of her secrets is using cucumbers: I’ll put the pulp all over her face until it draws the heat out of the skin”.  Cucumbers are not only a great way to cool down your skin, but they also an amazing remedy to reduce dark circles, eliminate under eye bags, enhance your skin’s glow and tighten your pores.




Jennifer Lopez states that her number one secret is beauty sleep: “Ideally I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight. I also definitely think beauty comes from within – you have to have keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync.”  Lopez is right, the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to treat yourself to a solid eight hours of sleep. Although this can be difficult especially on a college schedule, it’s imperative to give your body the love it deserves!

(Jennifer Lopez Interview, InStyle)



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