The Worst Types of People to Travel With


The Worst Types of People to Travel With

Ever had a miserable traveling experience? One of these types of people probably contributed to it.

That one person who talks on the phone the WHOLE time

This one is a classic. You’re settled down in your seat, ready to close your eyes or dig into a good book, when the person sitting next to you, or behind you, gets a phone call. Except it’s not a three-minute “love you too; I’ll call you when I land” type of conversation. It’s a three-hour “everyone settle in because you’re about to hear intimate details of a very personal story” type of conversation. You know that you could not possibly do anything else except eavesdrop. Trying to block it out and do something else takes even more effort than just listening.

C’mon, can you please tell your friend/boyfriend/whoever about the reason for your recent visit to the dermatologist another time?

The Crying Baby

No one love babies more than I do. They’re cute and chubby, and they wear adorable miniature socks. But there is undeniably nothing more unbearable than sitting next to a baby that is crying the entire time you are traveling. You begin by wondering to yourself how anything so extraordinarily small can even have that much water content. But eventually you can no longer think anymore, since your entire life has been taken over by a shrill and constant screaming noise that refuses to take a break.

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The Restless Neighbor

How is it possible that someone would need use the bathroom every five minutes? I don’t mind getting poked and prodded in the middle of a nap so that my neighbor can get out of their seat. But, when it happens more than once or twice, it gets them on a list like this one.

The Gourmet Eater

Have you ever sat next to a person that seems to have brought an entire ten-course meal onto the plane with them? At some point, you don’t even know where the food is coming from, but they keep taking out meal after meal. Each one smells even more atrocious than the next, especially in a small plane, where an odor permeates all the surroundings. You then inevitably come off the ride smelling like curry, since they decided to have chicken tikka masala as their fifth course.

The Person Who Just Doesn't Understand Personal Space

There is nothing more endearing than when the bald middle-aged man dozing off in the seat next to you starts to drift his head closer and closer to your shoulder in his slumber. Sometimes you might even be lucky enough to be next to a woman with an overwhelming number of carry-ons who starts to spread them under your seat too! Or maybe your token neighbor just cannot keep his elbow off of your shared arm rest even for a minute. Any of these types of people fit this lovely category that comprises the subtle art of annoying your neighbor.

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There are so many ways to get annoyed at those around you when on a trip, particularly one that lasts a few hours. While you should try not to ever be one of these people, sometimes it can be hard to avoid. Regardless, the adventure that comes from travel is always worth the inconveniences!

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