Multipurpose, Travel-Friendly Makeup Products for Spring Break

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Multipurpose, Travel-Friendly Makeup Products for Spring Break

The best products that save space in your suitcase without sacrificing your makeup looks.

Spring break is just around the corner! And if you are one of the millions of students nationwide who will be vacationing next week, and running to the airport immediately from your last exam, then I have a few makeup products you cannot forget to throw into your luggage. These multipurpose items will make packing easy, plus they ensure you will not be foraging through your luggage at check-in, figuring out what products you should take out in order to meet the weight limit.

Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette

Photo Courtesy of Carousell

This palette could be used not only to create a variety of day and night eye looks, but also on the cheeks as blush, bronzer and highlighter. The packaging is also perfect for traveling! It is easy to slide into your suitcase without worrying about your shadows shattering.

CoverFx Click Stick Color Corrector, Highlighter, Concealer, and Foundation

Photo courtesy of The Budget Beauty Blog

The CoverFX Click Stick allows you to pack all your complexion products in only a fraction of your makeup bag space. It consists of a travel-size dual-ended stick that holds 2 complexion products, making it easy to throw into your carry-on without the fear of something leaking or spilling. Personally, I like to put my foundation shade on one side, which I also use to conceal, and my highlighting shade on the other side for the high points of my face. You can add your color correcting and contouring shades as well if you are going for a more snatched look.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Photo courtesy of Smashbox

Primer and setting spray are two must-haves for any look, especially when you are out and about on vacation. This product comes in a travel-size bottle, and doubles as a primer and finishing spray. It hydrates and refreshes the skin in preparation for makeup and allows the makeup to lock onto the skin when being used to set the face.

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