Fashion Takes a Culinary Turn: Gucci’s New Restaurant


Fashion Takes a Culinary Turn: Gucci’s New Restaurant

The iconic red and green stripes, the engraved interlocking ‘G’s so commonly seen stamped on purses, luggage, and shoes now take on a different form: food.

Over a month ago, Massimo Bottura, an award winning Italian chef and chef patron to Osteria Francescana, opened his newest restaurant Gucci Osteria, located inside the Gucci Garden complex in Florence, Italy.

As you might expect, this is not just any restaurant. Inspired by Gucci designs, the Gucci Osteria pays homage to the modern and classic styles that have taken the fashion community by storm. Fur-lined loafers, embroidered sneakers, and flashy t-shirts have transformed the fashion industry.  Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, designed an interior to match: kelly green walls, crisp white linen, pink-patterned china, and upholstered mahogany chairs atop golden patterned carpet effortlessly encapsulate Gucci’s legacy.

Vita Su Marte

Even the menu speaks to Gucci culture and lifestyle.  At a proportionately lower price point than the luxury goods Gucci sells (main dishes yield 20-30 euros), visitors can enjoy creamy mushroom risotto, Parmigiano tortellini, and a plethora of other classic Italian dishes.  The menu even includes some humorous foods in sync with some of Gucci’s more playful designs, such as upscale versions of the classic hot dog and hamburger, as well as a Piña Colada dessert option.

After dining, visitors can peruse the rest of the Gucci Garden and explore the Galleria rooms, which house some of Gucci’s most iconic collections.  In addition, visitors have access to the exclusive Gucci boutique.

However, this restaurant isn’t the first of its kind. Luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren and Prada also have their own designer restaurants, and Gucci Osteria is not the brand’s first foray into the food industry.  The 1921 Gucci Restaurant, located in Shanghai, China, is another fine-dining experience for customers of the Gucci store it is located in, as well as outside visitors looking to have a Gucci-branded culinary experience. While this concept seems lucrative, it has not always been successful.  The Gucci Café, located in Milan, Italy, was another “shop and dine” location that served coffee, tea, and other pastries.  A seemingly fantastic spot for shopping enthusiasts to enjoy a midday cappuccino in style. However, after mediocre reviews, the café closed shop as a reminder that these types of businesses are not always as successful as they appear. Will Gucci Osteria be a hit or miss?  Given the popularity that Gucci holds currently in the fashion industry, there is clear promise for the success of this restaurant.   

From clothing to food, “It’s all Gucci.”

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