What Makes Essential Oils So “Essential”?

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What Makes Essential Oils So “Essential”?

Why you should add these natural products to your beauty routine.

The quest to find natural skincare and haircare products can be an ongoing hassle.  Oftentimes, natural and organic products can be extremely overpriced and can also take a huge toll on your budget.  So, if you are looking for quality, natural and affordable skincare and haircare options, look no further than nature’s very own original product: essential oils! Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants and seeds that contain various healing and cosmetic properties, many of which are extremely beneficial to your skin and hair.

Facial Care

If you are dealing with aggravating acne, sunflower oil is the perfect remedy for you! Sunflower oil contains vitamins that reduce acne by creating a protective layer which prevents bacteria from making contact with your skin.

As a result of acne, many people also deal with dark spots. To resolve this problem, try using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that remove toxins and dead skin cells to minimize the appearance of dark spots.  

Body Care

In order to develop a beneficial body care routine, maintaining fully moisturized skin is fundamental. Coconut oil is one of nature’s prized possessions that is guaranteed to enhance your skin’s moisture retaining abilities. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which sink deeply into your pores to help prevent water loss, therefore effectively nourishing your skin.  Aside from serving as an excellent moisturizer, coconut oil also makes your skin extremely smooth and it smells amazing!

Hair Care

If  there is one thing that you must add to your hair supply cabinet, it is definitely argan oil! Argan oil is a perfect product for your hair because it is essentially a multipurpose miracle product.  Argan oil is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids which work together to treat dry scalp, limit hair loss, prevent heat damage and enhance your hair’s natural shine.

To buy these products, make sure to check out your local Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, or even Amazon!

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