Welcome to the all-new The WALK Online


Welcome to the all-new The WALK Online

Radically redesigned, rebuilt from the ground up for the future of the magazine's web publication.

Welcome to the all-new The WALK Magazine online! After four months of design exploration and development, we’re so excited to have you join us as among the first to visit our new home on the web. I’m Edward Kim, current webmaster and co-art director for the magazine, and I’m excited to introduce to you the changes we’ve made to make this site a reality.

One of the overarching goals for The WALK in the Spring 2018 semester is to establish a cohesive brand across all of our platforms – from our semiannual print issues to our ever-growing online website and social media platforms. One of the ways we’re choosing to implement these changes is to completely rebuild our entire site from the ground up, erasing all of our code and starting fresh to build a comprehensive new website that’s custom-tailored to our magazine.


The WALK's new homepage highlights new content with banner images and beautiful full-screen experiences.
Designed by Edward Kim

The design of our new website is built from scratch: every detail is considered with our brand identity, and every component is there to enhance user experience. We didn’t buy a theme and customize it to fit The WALK; we made a theme that was meant exclusively for The WALK – which means that there are no compromises anywhere when it comes to our design. What this also means is that this is only the beginning: because we’re building our own site, we now have the capacity to continue improving and expanding our website and make it better for our readers and visitors in real time.

Our new website centers around content. In much the same way our print issues feature beautiful layouts and high-resolution photography, we wanted to bring that same experience and translate it for the web. The new website thus features new tools for our authors to create beautiful article layouts that highlight the works of our illustrators and photographers alongside our writers. In addition to our traditional articles, you’ll now see featured articles published once every so often that take advantage of new web standards, including full-width imagery and subtle animations that make the content feel more alive and captivating. The WALK will better feature our photographers, illustrators, and videographers through dedicated pages for photo essays, films and teasers, and other multimedia content.


Videos on our website are now presented in a large, immersive player that takes advantage of the user's screen.
Designed by Edward Kim

Additionally, beginning with The SHIFT Issue, we’re also bringing our print articles to the web, recreating the same visual narrative we’ve designed for print and translating that to a digital experience as well. All of this is to create one cohesive and consistent experience across all of our platforms, and to make thewalkmagazine.com the home for our magazine.

We hope you enjoy The WALK’s new website as much as we did building it. The possibilities that lie ahead with our new website are limitless, and we can’t wait to elevate our online experience further. We’d also like to hear from you – what sorts of things would you find valuable on our website? Let us know by contacting us – this website is always a work in progress as we develop new features and content for you. But in the meantime, take a look around and experience the changes for yourself!

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  1. T. Else

    Site looks great EK. And really appreciated Javier’s article on what looks cool in mens’ wear. Would love to see some content on particular places in Philadelphia where fashion is available and accessible. Are there equivalents to NY’s Opening Ceremony and Dover Street Market in Philly? Again, thanks for the great design and content!

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