Key Piece, 5 Ways: The Oversized, Destructed, Pink Denim Jacket


Key Piece, 5 Ways: The Oversized, Destructed, Pink Denim Jacket

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Shepherd Drop Cap 1ou may have just read the title of this post and wondered who let that typo slip by – how could a jacket that combines ‘90s grunge elements and millennials’ color of choice be a key piece? Well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this.

Here are five ways to style one of the coolest jackets you will ever own:

1. A twist on French chic (a.k.a. simple basics + statement jacket = a good look for walks in the park)



You have likely seen the pieces that make up the base of this outfit before – faux leather miniskirts, cozy sweaters, and heeled ankle booties – but this jacket is an unexpected addition, adding a pop of color and an edgier feel to an ensemble that is of the “Parisian chic” variety. The neutral colors of the other pieces in this look make it easier to add a statement jacket, even for those of us who prefer simple dressing.

2. Bohemian with an Edge (a.k.a. you like pretty handbags and flowers, but you are not one to be messed with)


What’s a bohemian to do when the weather cools down? Neutral layers, like a fitted black dress and grey tights, will allow you to continue wearing your floral dresses even as the temperature drops. To stay extra warm without taking away from your free-spirited look, add a worn-in looking jacket and belt it at the waist – you will stay warm without losing your shape.

3. Spice Up a Classic (a.k.a. life is too short to not have fun with your clothes)


Looking for an outfit that is low in effort but high in impact? Classic items, like your favorite jeans and a striped shirt, paired with pieces that have a rock-n-roll flair to them, like snakeskin heels or a jacket with a lot going on, create more interest in an outfit without having to pile on multiple layers or fill your wardrobe with several statement pieces.

4. Trend Dressing: Grunge Meets Streetwear (a.k.a. you have been waiting for fashion to make this trendy forever)


The ‘90s grunge look and skater-inspired streetwear are huge right now, whether you look to fast fashion stores or the luxury fashion market. The hoodie may be the most iconic article of clothing in the streetwear set, and combat boots like these Dr. Martens carry their own cultural weight, having been associated with a variety of streetwear tribes over several decades. Paired with a relaxed fit pant of your choosing and a brightly colored jacket, your look will reflect the trends in a unique way.

5. “Pink is Punk” (there is no better way of explaining this)


Valentino, the luxury fashion brand whose clothes are perhaps best described as ‘a feminine, sophisticated take on punk style’, have adopted “Pink is Punk” as their mantra, and I could not agree with them more. Whether you are interested in punk style or not, almost all of us can appreciate an all-black outfit with a pop of color. For those of us looking to make more of a statement, a dramatic piece, like a chiffon midi skirt, paired with tough items, like the previously seen combat boots and a destructed denim jacket, will be sure to achieve exactly that.

Images courtesy of  Charlotte Matthai

Models: Nadia Govotsos, Madeline McGovern, Sonia Hussain

Creative Director, Stylist, and Writer: Sonia Hussain

Thank you to Bluestone Lane for allowing us to shoot the third look inside their café.

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