Five Emerging Female Artists to Listen To Right Now


Five Emerging Female Artists to Listen To Right Now


omen have played a vital role in the music industry for quite a long time, whether people like to admit it or not. The women who are stepping into the spotlight as of recently are some of the most powerful, creative, and respectable artists in the business. Female singers like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Miley, and Nicki are household names, representing the most commercial side of the industry. Additionally, there is a growing number of up-and-coming female artists, facing a world hungry for their stories and perspectives. That being said, here is a list fresh-faced women who are ready to break the mold even further.

1. Noname Noname

If you have listened to any rapper from Chicago, you have probably also heard Noname on a verse. Formerly known as Noname Gypsy, she is one of the most talented rappers to emerge from the hip-hop scene. She is a female artist in a male-dominated genre and has changed the game as she expresses her vulnerability through her melodic tunes. Her fiery rhymes mixed together with her angelic voice make it impossible not to fall in love with her.

Check out: Diddy Bop

2. Dua Lipa


Her song and video for “New Rules” has gone viral in 2017. Besides this song, she has many other songs like “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “IDGAF”. While many pop artists have been incorporating their aloofness and feminism in their music, Dua Lipa does it in a way that seems the most authentic and real. Her songs are relatable and her attitude is envious. Her style, those see-through sunglasses that everyone is talking, and her artistry make her one of the coolest artists to take over pop music right now.

Check out: Genesis

3. Kamaiyah


This Californian rapper has now made her way across the nation with her music. She was on this year’s XXL Freshman list and dropped her highly acclaimed mixtape called “A Good Night in the Ghetto” back in 2016. Her energetic beats make it hard to sit still while listening to her, and is always a go to when you want to get pumped up. Her song “How Does It Feel” started it all, and her fun and story-driven music is sure to keep her climbing the charts even more.

Check out: Build You Up

4. Aradhna


A blend of blues, soul, and R&B, this New Zealand-born artist of Samoan and Indian descent’s music is everything the South Asian community has been asking for. It is so easy to throw around the word “spirituality”, but when listening to her, you can truly feel the passion and soul in her lyrics and voice. Born Aradhna Patel, she made her musical debut with her single “Getting Stronger” in 2004, but released her most recent studio album Brown Girl in 2016. She works to raise awareness about casual racism and the internal impact of growing up brown and female. If you like M.I.A, who also touches on these issues, you are bound to love Aradhna.

Check out: Brown Girl

5. Princess Nokia

princess nokai

It is impossible to listen to this New Yorker without the feeling that something deeper is going on. Not only is she killing the underground rap game- check out her song G.O.A.T if you want proof- but her music is creative, confident, and careless in the best way. She is unapologetically bold and her Afro-Puerto Rican descent offers a fresh, new perspective on rap and hip-hop. She is a radical intersectional feminist who talks openly about gentrification, being a tom-boy, male domination, and her self-identification as a bruja. Employing a unique place in pop and hip-hop music, and she is one to watch out for.

Check out: Brujas

Images courtesy of Lauren Marquez, Jatnna Nuñez, George Jeff, Kalamu, Purple Sneakers

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